The Best Spots in Ottawa for Fall Photo Shoots

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Ottawa, which means it’s the perfect time for fall photo shoots with your friends! Here are some cool places around Ottawa to give you inspiration for your next photo shoot! Get ready to have fun and start posting tons of Instagram pictures!

1. The Farmers' Market at Lansdowne  

The Lansdowne Farmers' Market is transitioning into full fall mode, making it the perfect time to pose among the pumpkin stands, or with some fall produce! The Farmers' Market has tons of cute scenery for great picture opportunities! You can also check out other areas around Lansdowne for even more unique places to get a good photo!

2. Anywhere Along the Rideau Canal

Having both the Rideau Canal and the fall season make for the perfect combination. Lined with lots of trees and green space, the canal is full of vibrant fall colors for you to explore!

3. Leaf Piles on Tabaret Lawn

If you want to stick closer to campus, try taking pictures in the leaf piles that accumulate on Tabaret lawn later on in the fall. Not only is it a great way to show your Gee-Gee spirit, but you can also attempt those cute jumping poses right into the leaf piles that everyone loves to instagram in the fall!

4. Pumpkin Inferno

While Pumpkin Inferno isn’t in downtown Ottawa, it’s worth the trek to get there. Not only will you get to see some cool pumpkin carvings that'll get you in the Halloween spirit, you can also take even cooler nighttime photos surrounded by lots of glowing pumpkins!

5. Major’s Hill Park

While Major’s Hill Park is beautiful all year long, it takes on a special vibe during the fall. It's a great spot to have some of Ottawa’s most popular landmarks in the background, while capturing all the vibrant colors of the changing trees that will completely intensify any picture, instantly making your picture one-hundred times better!