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After selecting that perfect photo to post on Instagram, the next big step is picking the perfect Instagram caption. Now if you’re someone like me, that might mean spending a meticulous amount of time trying to find the right caption to go with your beautiful photo. 

I became a huge fan of using some of my favourite song lyrics as captions to go with my photos. In this list, I’ve compiled some of the ones I’ve used, ones I’ve seen and one’s I’d like to use for future posts!

All Things Taylor

  • You’re a queen selling dreams
  • Hey Dorothea, did you every stop and think about me? 
  • I’ve seen sparks fly 
  • I was riding shotgun with my hair undone

The Magic of Disney

  • Can’t you feel the love tonight?
  • I won’t say I’m in love 
  • It’s the circle of life
  • What can I say except you’re welcome? 

Out in the Country

  • I let another love, crash and burn
  • What I gotta do to get you to write your name on the back of my hand? 
  • That’s the way she goes
  • Play it again 

Completely Instrumental 

  • Written on the Sky 
  • Happiness does not wait 
  • Love is a mystery 
  • You Are a Memory 

Break Up With Your Partner To Listen To Olivia 

  • I’ve lost my mind and spent the night, crying on the floor of my bathroom 
  • I got my driver’s license last week just like we always talked about 
  • That was our place, I found it first
  • Do you get déjà vu when she’s with you? 

Still not sure how to caption your photos? Don’t fret, just turn on the radio, sing to your favourite songs and you just might find your inspiration among the lyrics! 

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