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The Best Houseplants for First Time Plant Parents

Looking to spice up your student home with plants, but worried they won’t survive? Look no further, because I have created a list of my top five easy care, low maintenance plants, that look good in any room! 

Becoming a plant parent is really not as difficult as it seems, especially if you find plants that are going to suit your living space. The best way to start is to ask yourself these questions to help find the right plant for you! 

  1. How much sunlight does your room receive during the day?
  2. How often are you home? Do you move houses a lot? For example, moving back and forth between home and school?
  3. What level of plant care do you want to commit to? 

After answering these questions, you should be ready to decide what plant you would like to bring home! As a starting point, here are my top five easy care and low maintenance plants!

Snake Plant

If you haven't already heard about snake plants…buckle up, I'm about to change your life. Snake plants are a part of the succulent family and therefore their leaves retain a lot of water. What does this mean? Good news, that’s what! You only have to water a snake plant when the soil is completely dry. A good soak once or twice a month should do the trick. Another great thing about snake plants is that they are shade tolerant. If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of sunlight in your apartment, the snake plant will still do well! Bonus plant fact: snake plants absorb oxygen during the day and emit oxygen at night, which makes them the perfect plant to keep in your room for that much needed deep sleep! 

[bf_image id="2w87m5gqp735brjfc8rhggs8"]


I love the way a pothos looks, with its trailing vines and bright green leaves! Pothos plants love bright light, but will also survive in low light areas. I like to keep mine by the window for the best results. In my experience, pothos plants like when their soil is completely dry between waterings. The leaves will start to droop if it needs water and within a day the plant will perk up again! The pothos plant is sensitive to overwatering so it's better to underwater it; we don’t want any root rot here!


Anthuriums are flowering indoor plants! I think that anthuriums are an easy to medium level plant to take care of. Watering an anthurium is just like watering a pothos – it’s best to wait for the soil to be completely dry. When it comes to its blooms, the anthurium requires plenty of sunlight, unless you’re fine with a plant that only has its. Your best bet is to place it near a window to enjoy the beautiful flowers of the anthurium! 

Rubber Plant 

The rubber plant is unique, boasting dark green and rubbery leaves, and is another plant that does not require a lot of watering! The rubber plant can tolerate dry soil and medium to bright indirect light. However, I would be cautious if you move a lot because a change in scenery can shock the system and cause it to lose its leaves. 

[bf_image id="pv8cm9kbjtg9xq8tgwb7tcx5"]

Jade Plant

The jade plant is another type of succulent plant, which means easy watering schedule! They do love indirect sunlight, but can survive with low light. The jade plant will talk to you and let you know of its needs. If it’s thirsty, the leaves of the jade plant will wrinkle a bit, and if it needs more light the stems will stretch, leaving more space between the leaves. Jade plants add a beautiful touch of green to your space, and are even considered a good luck charm in some Asian cultures. 

[bf_image id="h3hvnnqm4c67x6rmxv29394j"]

Although these plants are perfect for every low maintenance plant mom, the one thing that will most likely kill them is overwatering. So, my best tip is to enjoy life with your new plants, but just remember to water them only when they need it! 

With the help of this article, I hope you find yourself a plant that fits into your lifestyle! 

Find me dreaming about living in the mountains...or any place with snow! Likes to spend her time testing Pinterest recipes, filling her apartment with plants, and finding new ways to be eco-friendly. Lover of dogs, hiking, shoes, and stickers.
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