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Beloved Teachers at uOttawa

We all know deep down that we have one or more favourite teachers. They are the ones who make it worth it to show up to an 8:30am class or even a 7pm – 10pm class. They make us want to learn, work harder and improve our skills. We asked some of our readers to tell us about their favourite teachers. Here is a list of eight teachers who are loved at uOttawa:

Najwa Haddad (Psychology)
“She was really attentive to students’ needs, was very engaging with her lectures, and if you needed help she was always willing to re-explain.”  – Katherine Kennedy

“She is simply amazing! She is passionate about what she teaches [and] she cares about her students. She’s so easy to approach and will take the time after class to answer any questions you might have, sit with you and make sure you understand. She’s such a great woman and I would definitely recommend her class.” – Deborah Sogelola

Galen Perras (History)
“He teaches mostly all of the American History classes. He is so insightful without being biased, which makes his students actually want to listen to his lectures. He actually taught us a lot [about topics] that no one ever talks about and he’s super passionate about what he lectures on, and it shows. He made me want to pursue American history in my career path!” – Ally Nohos

Jon Houseman (Biology)
“He is passionate about what he teaches and you can tell he’s serious about teaching and loves what he does. He’s a hard marker and intimidating to first years, but in upper year courses he’s much nicer. Really dedicated to the course and gives you all the learning tools you need to succeed.” – Jennifer Ho

David Joubert (Criminology)
“He’s very engaging and genuinely cares about what he teaches. I loved his class Mental Disorder and Justice. I learned a lot!” – Sandra Charron

 Shana Poplack (Lingustics)
“She is super nice and motivating. [She gives] clear instructions for the assignments and I really learned a lot. I felt like she knows everything about her field and had fun teaching us. Plus the atmosphere in the classroom was always super nice.” – Lisa Lober

Emma Anderson (Religion)
“I took many religion courses with her, and we can see that she cares about her students. She has our best interests at heart and she does everything in her power to help students succeed” – Chantalle Smibert

Kathryn Trevenen (Women’s Studies)
“She is one of my favorite teachers. She provides a safe learning space; all ideas and opinions are welcomed. She is very approachable, and she never shot down anyone. Best experiences ever in her class.” – Hermona Kuluberhan

Ian Dennis (English)
“I loved his class. He is passionate, and he knows what he is talking about. He is always there for his students; he has a lot of office hours so take advantage of that. Dennis is clear on what he wants, and he always loves discussions in his classes.” – Gloria C-P

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Gloria Charles-Pierre is Her Campus uOttawa Alumni. She was one of our writers for four years and the French editor for two years. Gloria graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Arts specialized in French Lierature and two certificates in LSQ (Langue des Signes Québécoise). Now, she is in Teachers College and loving it. Gloria spends her time doing kick-boxing and working on her personnal writing project while growing in her faith. She hopes to travel more, and to continue her studies with a Masters in Education and also continue working in editing.
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