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As of late, a massive trend in using natural products has graced us and I honestly could not be happier. In my opinion, organic beauty products are the real MVPs of the century because, lets face it, a ton of them are really just life hacks growing on trees. These oils and butters you can find just about anywhere are being proven to be even better than a lot of the stuff youre getting from your local beauty store. That whole grassroots, “holistic-chic” look that youve been dying to indulge is a lot more attainable than you think!

 Coconut Oil


Perfect for: Smoothing your body, moisturizing your hair, and stimulating hair growth

 A personal favourite of mine, coconut oil is pretty much the triple threat of natural oils. It has so many uses and health benefits that have been proven over the years to continually work every time! Coconut oil is amazing for keeping your body smooth because itsa  heavier oil that clings to skin. Along with this, its really good for growing out a beautiful head of hair because it prevents the loss of protein and is a really good heat protectant. And to top it all off, you can even cook with coconut oil! I highly recommend picking some up, rubbing it on your skin after a shower, and lounging around smelling like an Almond joy.

 Avocado Oil


Perfect for: Moisturizing and softening your face and hair while calming skin irritations (acne, eczema, etc.)

 A perfect additive to any morning routine! Avocado oil contains a ton of vitamin A and E, which pretty much means its hella good at naturally reducing inflammation and irritation. Say goodbye to the days where youd wake up with dry skin and a zit too noticeable to for concealer. With regular use, it also helps with collagen production so those fine lines that peek out when you smile wont be as bad. Unlike coconut oil, it has quite a thin consistency as its non-comedogenic and will refrain from clogging pores.

 Jojoba Oil


Perfect for: Makeup removal & moisturizing sensitive skin

 Im going to be totally honest; I had no clue what a jojoba was until I began researching for this article but I know for a fact that a bottle of this stuff is worth every penny. Its such a thorough but gentle conditioner that works well on the most sensitive of skin types. According to researchers, it is compatible for most skin types and allows your skin to heal faster due to its effective moisturizing capabilities. This fun little moisturizer could potentially save you TONS on makeup remover too!

Sweet Almond Oil


Perfect for: Eliminating scalp irritation, stimulating nail growth, and reducing stretch marks

Sweet almond oil has a ton of great properties that are good for fine-tuning subtle things on your body. For instance, its really great at keeping your scalp conditioned and calming your scalp irritation so the next time you get a straightener burn, this should be your go-to. To add to this, a lot of people vow from personal experience that sweet almond oil can help reduce any unwanted stretch marks that you may have. A property that really surprised me was that sweet almond oil can actually help nails grow longer and stronger too. Its an all-around life saver!

Sunflower Oil


Perfect for: Skin protection and acne prevention

Sunflower oil is incredibly underrated as it helps with so much! Its really good at preventing damage done by the sun during the warmer seasons because its plentiful in vitamins A, C, and D. It applies quite smoothly and can be used as a very light sun block if you dont need a really high SPF. In addition to this, sunflower oil has been noted to possess anti-bacterial qualities and helps skin cells reform-both of which are primary necessities in getting rid of surprise zits.

 All of these oils can be found at any organic food store, in bulk online, and most grocery stores!

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