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12 Products That Make Sharing a Bathroom SO Much Easier

Is your May lease off to a rocky start? While adjusting to new roommates is almost never easy — believe us, we’ve been there! — there are a few ways to make it more manageable, even when it comes to sharing the one room that is (arguably) the most difficult to share: the bathroom. And although nothing compares to good communication, these 12 products come pretty close.

Stackable Plastic Drawers, Home Depot, $37, Shop now

Let’s just say that student housing is not known for its plentiful storage space. No big deal; just stack these drawers in the cabinet under the sink and allocate one to each roommate. They even fit in most cabinets with shelves.

Hair Catcher, Canadian Tire, $15, Shop now

This genius product catches hair before it goes down the drain (and, inevitably, gets stuck). Empty it after your shower, and your roommates can empty it after theirs. Simple.

Scented Trash Bags, Home Hardware, $7, Shop now

Scented trash bags not only keep the bathroom from smelling, well, like trash; they also make garbage collection a lot easier. Pick up a plastic bin while you’re at it for convenient recycling, too.

Super-Absorbent Cloths, Best Buy, $20, Shop now

Do your roommates leave water on the bathroom counter? Give up the blame game and purchase these absorbent cloths instead. Leave a stack within reach of the sink so that everyone can clean up before they leave the room.

Over-The-Door Towel Rack, Bed Bath & Beyond, $25, Shop now

Why is it that so many three- and four-bedroom rental units only have one towel bar? Increase your towel storage space with an over-the-door rack, or opt for this adhesive bath towel hook if you’re on a budget.

Shower Curtain Wall Clips, Amazon, $9, Shop now

These clips keep water inside of the shower and keep cold air out. That means no more puddles on the bathroom floor — whether you’re the first person to shower or the fifth. They’ll also keep you warm during your shower. Win-win!

Free-Standing Mirror, Ikea, $12, Shop now

Keep it on the bathroom counter or in your room for when you and your roommates all have to be somewhere at the same time. Get ready together or keep to yourself; either way, you’re all more likely to leave your place on time.

Shower Storage Caddy, Lowe’s, $21, Shop now

No more fighting over two tiny shower shelves: increase your coveted in-shower storage space with a hanging caddy. This one doesn’t require any suction cups, so there’s no risk of it falling into the tub.

Toilet Gels, Walmart, $4, Shop now

Regardless of the robustness of your cleaning schedule, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to follow it 100% of the time. Luckily, these gels will keep your toilet nice ‘n’ fresh until you have the time to do a proper clean.

Quick-Dry Bath Mat, Marks & Spencer, $22, Shop now

With multiple people sharing a shower, your bathroom floor is bound to get wet more often. That’s nothing a quick-dry bath mat can’t fix, however! This non-stick mat is super soft and absorbent, and soaks up water in record time.

Portable Door Lock, Addalock, $12, Shop now

If the lock on your bathroom door is broken (or non-existent), pick up one of these portable locks that work just as well. A rubber door stopper also works when wedged beneath the inside of a closed door, and might be easier to find.

Clock, Dollarama, $4, Shop now

A bathroom schedule can only do so much. Wall clocks are great because they can help you stick to said schedule, while also sending a passive-aggressive message to roommates who take more than their fair share of time in the bathroom.

We hope these products will help! But if all else fails? Open and honest communication should always be your fallback. After all, your roommates (presumably) want your living situation to work out as well as you do. Only 11 months to go…

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