8 Thoughts You Have Getting Ready for Your 8:30 Class

8:30 class is literally the worst. Here's some deep thoughts we all have before them:

1. Checking Rabaska and thinking: "What administrative demon thought it was a good idea to schedule this class at 8:30am?"

2. Is Tim Hortons even open?

3. Wow campus is really dead.

4. I bet my bed misses me. I miss my bed.

5. No one's even here. Why am I here?

6. I should not have stayed out so late last night. (Or more likely: Can people tell I'm hungover?)

7. Would anyone notice if I just napped through this lecture or will I end up on the Spotted Sleeping page?

8. Taking this class was the worst decision I have ever made in my entire life.

Good luck surviving the rest of the semester collegiettes! 


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