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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Buying your jeans second hand might be more advantageous than you think. Here, we present to you all of the best reasons to purchase your denim pre-owned.

It costs less.

To state the obvious, it’s a lot less pricey to buy your jeans second hand. Older jeans also tend to score higher in the quality-for-cost category, as jeans in the days of olde were made to be more durable than they are today.

It’s better for the environment.

Denim takes, like, a lot of resources to produce—and releases pollutants and chemicals into the environment in their place. Because of the stuff that denim is made of, it’s actually one of the most environmentally harmful materials to manufacture. But! Buying second hand is an easy way to reduce its environmental burden.

The fit won’t change.

Secondhand jeans almost always come pre-stretched and preshrunk, which means that their fit will stay the same, even after multiple wears and washes. Pre-loved denim also tends to be way less stiff than brand-new denim, which makes it more comfortable and easier to wear, right out of the bag.

The colour won’t fade.

Any more it already has, that is. Since most secondhand jeans have already been washed, any excess dye will have washed out into someone else’s washing machine instead of yours. Plus, the colour is likely to be especially pre-faded in allll the right places to help you acheive that effortless, lived-in look.

They’re (probably) still in good shape.

On one hand, jeans last longer than other clothes do, which makes them more likely to be in good condition when they arrive at the thrift store. On the other hand (and because fashion is weird), it’s also socially acceptable to wear jeans that aren’t in good condition. So… it almost doesn’t matter?

It’s more authentic.

If something is worth replicating, that’s a pretty good sign that also it’s worth having itself… or, perhaps, even more worth having. Compare, for instance, authentic 90s jeans to 90s-style jeans. They’re still out there! You just have to do some searching.

It supports slow fashion.

Purchasing secondhand clothing reduces industry demand, which can help to stop fast fashion in its tracks—and the longer you intend to wear said clothing, the better. This benefits (1) you, (2) the environment, and (3) overextended textile workers.

Thrifting is fun.

Not one Gen Z can dispute the fact that, despite its questionable ethical implications, vintage is just… a vibe. The thrill of the hunt! The unique shops! The endless possibilities for creative self-expression! We all know it: thrift shopping is simply a wonderful experience.

For all of these reasons (and probably more), secondhand jeans are kind of just better: a gateway item, let’s call them, to the betterment of the environment, your bank account, and your wardrobe.

Emily wrote and edited for Her Campus and Her Campus at uOttawa from 2020–2022.