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As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and work gets more stressful, sometimes you need an outlet to express all the unique emotions you’ve built up. Mitski has mastered the art of creating the perfect melancholic songs that describe special and specific emotions. Her lyrics can also be interpreted in many different ways and are universal in their uniqueness. With a range from synth-pop hits to punk-rock anthems, she’s sure to have a song that suits your style. Here are seven songs by Mitski that will help you get through the colder season.

1. For when You feel all alone

“Nobody” by Mitski on Spotify

One of Mitski’s most popular songs, “Nobody” combines upbeat disco instrumentation with moodier lyrics, exploring feelings of being alienated and unwanted. Bordering the lines of happy and sad, this is a great song to dance to when you want to avoid the lonelier side of things.

2. The return of youthful angst

“Townie” by Mitski on Spotify

Townie” is a full return to feelings of teenage angst and unhappiness with the current state of life. With lyrics reminiscent of coming-of-age stories paired with the sounds of heavy drums and electric guitar, this song is great to sing along to and help release any inner frustration you might be feeling.

3. another round of emptiness

“Abbey” by Mitski on Spotify

Abbey” is a truly underrated Mitski song. Though the lyrics can be seen as repetitive (the verses repeat the same sentiment over and over), there is beauty in the way they’re sung. The acapella near the beginning creates a haunting aura surrounding the words of emptiness and the feeling of wanting to be something. This is a slower song with minimal instrumentation, so it’s perfect to listen to if you’re looking for a moment of stillness.

4. is happiness fleeting?

“Happy” by Mitski on Spotify

Mitski’s “Happy” is a look at how depression can feel like a constant in your life. In the song, the term ‘happy’ is personified as someone who comes and goes into your life, always leaving a mess behind them. The song features an interesting arrangement full of unique sounds, and Mitski’s muffled voice again gives a haunting feeling to a song that is labelled as “Happy.” This song is great to listen to if you need a way to express the melancholic state you’re in.

5. a goodbye with mixed feelings

“That’s Our Lamp” by Mitski on Spotify

Similar to some of Mitski’s other songs, “That’s Our Lamp” combines upbeat and hopeful music with sadder and emotional lyrics, making the sentiment of the end of a relationship feel layered and confusing. The meaning is kind of up to your own interpretation, depending on which tone you feel more connected to. It’s a great listen if you’re feeling confused about the dynamics of certain relationships in your life.

6. I should move to a Brand New City

“Brand New City” by Mitski on Spotify

Another edgier song, “Brand New City” possesses more hardcore and rock elements in the instrumentation. This the perfect song to scream to in the car, especially if you’re wanting more out of your life but don’t know what your next steps should be.

7. For when you’re just tired

“A Burning Hill” by Mitski on Spotify

Often coined as one of Mitski’s saddest songs, we actually think “A Burning Hill” is quite comforting when confronting feelings of dread or anxiety. Sad music, in general, can help you feel like you’re not alone, and help put intricate feelings into perspective. This song is quite simple instrumentally, as it features just an acoustic guitar, but the lyrics offer a look into when everything can just be too overwhelming and you feel like you can’t do anything about it.

These are only a select few songs by Mitski, but if you’re interested, there are so many more that cover a range of musical styles and intricate feelings. Her songs can be a perfect outlet for bleaker feelings, which is great for those who feel down during the winter. Let us know what you think on our social media channels, or recommend another Mitski song!

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