6 Things a Single Girl is Tired of Hearing on Valentine’s Day

Ladies and gentlemen, in the category ‘’ 6 things a single girl is tired to hear on Valentine’s Day,‘’ the nominees are:

1. ‘’Hey! What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?
Um, hello ? You clearly know I’m SINGLE. Oh wait, I was planning to go skiing in the French Alpes on this day, because you know, it happens as often as my Valentine’s day dates. 

2. ‘’Oh okay, so you’re gonna eat your emotions?
No, I’ll have a cesear salad. Who cares if I call the pizza guy to eat an XL, all dressed pizza and a whole box of chocolate all by myself? Yeah, that’s right. No one cares. 

3. ‘’OMG! Go on Tinder!"
Um, what? NO! It's just mean to assume that I need someone on Valentine's Day (I need to swipe right, right?).

4. ‘’ My boyfriend’s friends are kinda cute, we could try to match you with one of them!
Oh yeah sure, why not? No. Please. Blind dates are the worst and so awkward. Do I need to say more? 

5. ‘’ So, I was wondering when you’re gonna get a boyfriend so we can go on double dates soon.
First, double dates are the weirdest thing on earth. Second, love isn’t just around the corner, and even if it was, I’d rather third wheel than pick the first fish in the sea. I don’t really like fish, you know ? 

And the winner is…

6. ‘’ Take a spoon, a big bowl of ice cream and cry over some girly movies.
That is so 2009! Let’s be honest here: I don’t need a day once a year to cry over a girly movie. I mean, I’m already doing this EVERY single time I watch a Nicholas Sparks movie on Netflix. Shame on me, I know.

So, I’ll go dance to some Taylor Swift songs in my extremely kitch pyjamas all alone in my room. 


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