6 Stages of Losing Your Internet as Told by SpongeBob and Friends


I have to be honest, I’ve gone through all of the following stages in the past couple of weeks. My awesome housemates (ie: my parents) got into a UFC brawl with Rogers and in the heat of the moment, they cancelled our Internet. They’d even returned the router by the end of night.

Oddly enough, losing your Internet at home is very similar to going through the 5 Stages of Loss and Grief, just in a slightly different order.

1. Denial

After hearing the news, I went through a state of denial. I even laughed in my parents’ face, telling them that their joke was pretty funny.


2. Bargaining

Promptly, I listed all the reasons I needed us to have Internet. This is how it went down.

Me: “Homework!! How am I supposed to do my homework?”

Mom: “Lynn, we haven’t seen you do homework since middle school.”

Dad: “She means Netflix.”


3. Anger

This is ridiculous. Why can’t we just get a different provider? This is so dumb! The Mesozoic era called; they want their way of living back! Who doesn’t have internet?!


4. Depression

I actually just sat at the kitchen table, not moving, for a solid 10 minutes. Now what?


5. Acceptance

Okay, it’s fine. I can just I can do all my downloads ahead of time, get all my emails sent, do all my homework and Buzzfeed browsing at school, or Starbucks, or the public library. Wait, where’s the public library again?


6. Productivity

Let’s take a second and take notice of an amazing feat: I’ve read an entire book in the last 5 days. Not having Internet at home has made me actually work when I have Internet connection at school or Starbucks, and also gives me more free time at home. And of course by free time I mean less time wasted.


Would you consider living without any home Internet?



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