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‘Tis the season to study hard! Although October and November brings about plenty of holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Halloween, we are also in the midst of midterm exams and papers. If you have procrastinated studying for your midterms and are super stressed, make sure to still include some time to take a breather. Here are 5 stress relieving activities for you to try this fall!  

1. Meditation

You probably heard this one a lot, but trust, it’s very helpful. Pick a 30 minute block and a quiet room to just sit, close your eyes, and relax. You can do this out in nature or even in your own bedroom. Empty your mind for the time period and take deep breaths. This will slow down your heart rate and relax your mind so you can think more clearly. 

2. Go for a walk or a jog

Sometimes in the midst of sitting at home and studying all day, our brain starts to get foggy and just doesn’t want to work anymore. Give your brain a wake-up call by engaging in some cardio. Go for a quick walk or jog (even if it’s just for 10 minutes) to freshen your mind and wake up your body. 

3. Music break 

Take a moment to listen to some relaxing soft music. Not a fan of classical? Try soft jazz, folk music, or even a slow pop song; it’ll be enough to calm your nerves and relax your thoughts. 

4. Colouring 

Engage in some colouring for some stress free fun! If you don’t have a colouring book, try printing out some black and white pictures or find some flyers, old magazines or newspapers around your house or apartment to colour in. Try your local dollar store, or grocery store for cheaper colouring books or DIY your own! 

5. Herbal break 

I know we tend to reach for coffee as soon as the stress or drowsiness hits, but sometimes coffee could just end up making us even more stressed due to it increasing our heart rate. Try herbal tea which is a much more soothing alternative to coffee with much less caffeine. Try lavender or camomile tea for extra stress relief as these plants are known for relaxing. You don’t even have to drink it; taking in nice flowery smells can help the brain relax. Taking baths with the herbal plants are a nice way to relieve some stress as well!

The next time that you’re having trouble concentrating on homework or are stressing out about a project that is due, try meditating, go for a walk or a jog, listen to some classical music, colour, and/or take a herbal break! Intertwine these methods or try them individually. If you’re still feeling a bit jumpy, try taking a nap! I hope you all have a successful midterm season!

Sanjana Anwar

U Ottawa '21

Sanjana Anwar is in the joint-honours program of sociology and anthropology at the University of Ottawa. She is passionate about anything artistic (music, poetry, paintings) and has won awards relating to sketching from the 'House of Commons'. She hopes to share her experiences, knowledge, and thoughts with 'Her Campus' during her University chapters of life.
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