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I’m back babes! Last time I talked about my top 5 overrated products; this week, I’ll be giving you insight into my top 5 UNDERRATED beauty products! Just another reminder that depending on your skin tone, skin type, etc., these products may work differently on you. Happy reading lovelies!

       1. L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise

First off, for only $13.99 on Amazon, it’s a steal in itself. This mascara is literal twins with the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara which retails for $31. With the cutest packaging and some serious volume, I suggest heading to your closest Shoppers Drug Mart to pick this baby up. Don’t you love a good dupe?!

       2. NYX Beauty Sponge

Personally I find this beauty sponge to be the best one on the market. For a total of $8 compared to a $22 Beauty Blender, I suggest you go grab one of these…like now.

       3. Bourjois Butter Bronzer

This bronzer is nothing short of amazing. Its super creamy and pigmented formula makes it look like you just went on a Moroccan vacation. Also, this bronzer reminds me of the Hoola Matte Bronzer from Benefit; the perfect chocolate brown and a drugstore product. Absolutely in love!

       4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

I don’t know why everyone reaches for cult-favourite Kat Von D because personally, I find the Anastasia liquid lip WAY less drying and overall better value for the price tag. These lippies come in 29 different shades for all of your neutral or bold colour needs. For only $26, it really is a great buy. Buy 2 and get free shipping on Sephora.com with a purchase of $50 or more! What are you waiting for?!

       5. Any Tarte Eyeshadow

I feel like this just isn’t talked about enough. Not only do their eyeshadows smell like vanilla cake batter, they are so pigmented and last all day. Did Tarte discover the perfect eyeshadow formula? I think so! My personal faves are the Tartelette in Bloom palette for $49 and the Tartelette Flirt Eyeshadow palette for $25!

Well, if you’re not on Sephora’s website or headed to Shoppers Drug Mart by this point I have no idea what you’re doing. I hope these 5 products give you some insight into the best/most underrated beauty products on the market right now. Thanks for reading and happy shopping! See you next time lovelies.

Simply put I'm a brainy blonde. My friends say I am twins with Elle Woods, and you'll probably find a lot of my inspo comes from her girl-boss attitude. Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy coming up with content; happy reading babes :)
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