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5 Types of Pre-Christmas People

Halloween is over and so is the weekend-long party for most college students. All the preparation and energy put into Halloween costumes have culminated in varying Instagram posts and depictions of “I’m a cat duh moments”. Once 12:01 am strikes on the 31st of October, we officially enter the pre-Christmas zone.  Here are 5 types of pre-Christmas people that you’ll encounter in this period, *cues Christmas music*. 

The one that puts up their Christmas tree on Nov 1st. 

Now that Halloween is over, some people start to put their energy towards a different holiday. These people have been patiently waiting for their moment, and once November 1st arrives their Christmas tree goes up and Mariah Carey's Christmas album is on full blast.

The one that’s had all of their decorations up since January. 

Some people don’t need to wait for their moment on November 1st. For them, Christmas is not just one day in a year, it’s every day. These same people show their devotion by keeping up their Christmas decorations all year round, and by going the extra mile by adding way too many decorations when it’s actually Christmas time.

The one that doesn’t celebrate Christmas and has to keep explaining why. 

It might come as a shock but some people don’t celebrate Christmas (*gasp* I know). However, it’s important to note that some people don’t celebrate Christmas for various reasons, such as ascribing to a different religion. So, just say happy holidays and move on, no need to start an inquisition over Christmas carols.

The one that has already started holiday shopping.

For these people, Christmas is all about holiday shopping and discounts. Afterall, if Bath and Body works is having a sale, why not pick up unnecessary gingerbread scented candles for your entire squad, because that’s what good friends do.

The one that hates Christmas. 

There is one word for this kind of people and that is "grinch". They don’t care about Christmas, Christmas cookies, or even for the candle you got them for Christmas.  Christmas to them might signal unnecessary spending and too much jolliness going around. These people go out of their way to avoid human interaction in this time period.

Which type of pre-Christmas person are you? 

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