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5 Super Easy Nail Designs for the Holiday Season

We often think about painting our nails but when the time comes to do so, the result is often not as good as expected: either our right or left hand looks much better than the other one, or our nails look very different from those on the picture. Here are 5 super easy and almost foolproof nail arts for the Christmas season. 

Candy cane 

Candy canes are the easiest design to make; you just have to paint your nails with white nail polish and to draw diagonal red stripes on top of that. 

[bf_image id="q2y185-uxsg8-8gebhj"]


Paint your nails with the colour of your choice and draw tiny crosses with white or silver nail polish.

Christmas gift

Start by painting your nails with red nail polish. Then, use a toothpick or a thin paintbrush to draw a cross on each nail with black or golden nail polish. Finally, add a ribbon knot on the middle finger’s nail. 


Paint your nails with the colour of your choice and draw two circles on top of one another with white nail polish. Then, use black nail polish to do the arms, the hat, the eyes, and the buttons, and red or orange nail polish for the nose and the scarf. 

Tip: Using a dotting tool is the easiest way to draw circles. 

Christmas tree 

For those who are a bit more experienced and have a more developed artistic fibre, you can try to do a Christmas tree. This one is a bit trickier because there are many details (Christmas baubles, garlands). You will also need special colours such as green or golden nail polish. Start by painting your nails with the colour of your choice. Then, use a thin paintbrush to draw the tree and add the decorations with the toothpick. 

With those artsy nail arts, be ready to impress everyone at Christmas dinner!




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