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5 Steps to the Perfect Closet!

We all know the feeling of standing in front of the closet thinking there’s nothing to wear despite it overflowing with clothes.  Honestly, its most likely because our closets are so cluttered and disorganized we can barely see what we do have. The constant shopping takes its toll on a fashionista in the form of an overstuffed closet. This can become very overwhelming and actually have an impact on your fashion choices, (constantly wearing the same outfit over and over again) how can you expect to look your best when gems are so artfully hidden? Trust me, as a self-diagnosed shopaholic the best thing to do is buckle down and get organized. Here are 5 of my best organization tips.

1. The first step to a more organized closet is de-cluttering. You need to get rid of unnecessary items taking up precious space. Donate clothes that no longer fit or match your ever-changing style. Anything that hasn’t been worn in over 2 years should be dropped off at your local salvation army. Ideally this closet purge should be done every 6 months, I promise the first time will always be the hardest but it’ll make you feel so much better when you know and love every item in your closet. 

2. A great exterior closet organizer is a clothing rack. Thankfully you can find them super cheap at Ikea. They can be used to feature a specific segment of your wardrobe such as professional attire or outfits for the week. Take advantage of the space under the clothing rack to place your shoes as well.

3. Hooks are a great way to create extra storage space for items such as jackets, belts, scarfs, or purses!

4. One of my favourite ways to organize my ever-growing shoe collection is to display them on shelves along the wall. Not only does this create extra space outside the closet, its super organized and aesthetically pleasing. What’s prettier than a wall lined with gorgeous heels? 

5. Temporarily storing shoes in shoeboxes is a handy way to organize shoes that are lesser worn or store shoes until their appropriate season arrives. The boxes can be easily stacked on a shelf at the top of your closet or on the floor away to the side. I recommend sticking a picture of the shoes inside on the box to locate them easily. Also, if you haven’t pulled them out in over 2 years, it’s definitely time to donate.

With these tips you are now ready to go forth and conquer that closet. Good luck! 

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Hi there! I am Bolu Erinoso, currently a 4th year Communications student obsessed with all things media, fashion, and beauty related. I love to read, write and recently started a personal style website at www.whimsicalsoles.com with my fellow HerCampus writer Nancy.
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