The 5 Stages of Christmas Season Told Through “The Office” GIFs

Christmas season is HERE! After months of stressing over assignments and midterms, it is almost time to go home and relax for a few weeks. Here are the 5 stages of Christmas season, as told through “The Office” GIFs to get you pumped:

1. November 1st

For us Canadians, we celebrate Thanksgiving early. So when Halloween is over, we know that it is the beginning of the Christmas season. Stores start selling holiday decorations and treats, and you can feel the Christmas spirit in the air!

2. Exam Season

We’ve all been here, when we feel like the stress, the assignments and the exams are never-ending. It gets better- I swear. Exam season feels like a century, but getting past this point is the best feeling in the world. After all, exams just means one step closer to the holidays. 

3. On your Way Home for the Holidays

Once we’ve finished all of our final exams, and we’re on our way home, all we want to do is party! Crank the Christmas tunes! The next few weeks are dedicated to time with family and delicious food.

4. Christmas Day:

Need I say more? 

5. Post-Christmas Blues

This is how all students feel when we realize that the festivities are over, and school is only 2 weeks away. We don’t want it to end!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!