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5 Holistic Immune Boosters for This Winter

We’ve all been through it. The dreaded cold and flu season that strikes us hardest in the Winter. Personally, I’m fighting off my second cold already this semester. When I start to show symptoms of a cold, I’m super tempted to just pop a few Advil Cold + Sinus and call it a day. While over-the-counter cold medications can aid temporary relief of symptoms, they typically don’t have many long term benefits. I have compiled a list of 5 different methods – all being holistic approaches to boosting your immune system. That way you can work on fighting your cold with a more natural approach – with long term results. 


1. Essential Oils

If you read my last article on Essential Oils 101, you would know that I can’t say enough about how much I love using essential oils. You can even find essential oil blends which aid in boosting your immune system. My personal favourite is Saje’s Immune blend, which fights germs and viruses – you can find it here. You can use this blend in a diffuser, but my personal favourite way to use it is topically: put it in the palms of your hands, and cover your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. Not only does this help to instantly clear your sinuses, but it works on fighting the germs on the inside. 



2. Tea

When you’re feeling under the weather, drinking pretty much any tea is great and helps keep you hydrated. However, there are specific teas you can buy that have great immune-boosting properties. My current favourite is Traditional Medicinal’s Echinacea Plus Elderberry tea. Echinacea and Elderberry are both incredible natural ingredients that aid in boosting your immune system and they taste great! You can find this tea here.



3. Oil of Oregano 

Although this stuff can be pretty gross, it works wonders. Oil of oregano aids in killing bacteria and viruses, aka getting rid of that nasty cold ASAP. You can take it in drops, or in capsule form (which I recommend, as taking the straight oil can be almost unbearable). You can find some here


4. Golden Milk

Golden milk (AKA Tumeric Latte) is another beverage that promotes immune system health. Golden milk is packed with antioxidants and tons of other health benefits. It is definitely an acquired taste, but you can tweak the recipe to your preferred taste. My personal favourite way to prepare it is with coconut milk, cinnamon and honey. You can find the recipe here


5. Vitamins

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you want to optimize your health, you should be taking daily multivitamins along with other specific vitamins your body may need. According to Cleveland Clinic, the three best vitamins for boosting your immunity are: Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. I highly recommend Emergen-C for when you aren’t feeling your best. 

If you’re feeling a little under the weather this winter, hopefully one of these methods works for you. If nothing else, at least you know you’re fueling your body full of good stuff instead of just popping a few Advil (even though it can be a viable option once in a while). 

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