5 Fashion Tiktokers you Should be Following

Tiktok is a great source for new recipes, exercise tips, fun dance choreographies, and pretty much anything you could need but had no idea that you needed! While the ‘For You page’ is personalized based on your interests, there are always fashion trends and inspiration to catch up on — regardless of what side of Tiktok you’re on. Tiktok has become a source of ideas for various styles, and these five Tiktokers give a great example of the variety of content you can find:

1. Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)

Wisdom’s style is very flexible, ranging from street style to more elevated looks, from thrifted fits to more expensive and luxurious ones. He takes inspiration from pretty much anything —from emoji combinations to countries’ flags — and is always coming up with fresh ideas for content. His outfits often feature single-coloured and easy-to-combine pieces, patterns, high-waisted pants, and lots of sneakers and boots.

2. Nava Rose (@the.navarose)

Nava’s style is very inclined toward streetwear and features many of her own creations. She often uses bold colours, faux fur coats, short skirts, and short tops. She takes inspiration from k-pop, movies and TV shows, and different colours and textures. Her mix-and-match skills will inspire you to make bolder purchases and experiment more. 

3. Atikhun Kanjanakaset (@atikhunk)

Atikhun’s outfits are more on the casual side with the use of many graphic shirts and a variety of jackets. Most of his outfits are anime-inspired, but he also explores different aesthetics inspired by specific situations like a first date. He often layers, includes patterned or graphic pieces, and creates clean outfits fit for day-to-day activities.

4. Rebecca Ko (@rebeccaxko)

Rebecca’s style is casual and covers many of the current trends. Her account has a more instructional approach, where she gives advice on layering, picture ideas, organizing clothes, and much more. She often makes videos of how to style specific items that are trending and provides ideas for different ways to make casual outfits more fun and fashionable. 

5. Anna O’Brien (@glitterandlazers)

Anna’s account is brimming with positivity and feel-good outfits. She isn’t afraid to try new styles and play around with colours and makeup, while motivating others to do the same. Anna preaches body positivity and tackles new challenges with a smile.

Whatever your style, Tiktok definitely has something for you! Check out these Tiktokers for fashion advice and inspiration to take your look to the next level.