5 Essential Fall Pieces

If you live in Ottawa, you know by now that we are entering the sudden cold snap that reminds us that fall isn’t all fun and games. I’ve compiled a list of 5 cozy clothing items you need in your closet and a couple of different ways that you can style each piece.


The Chunky Knit

The chunky knit is exactly what it sounds like - a big oversized knit sweater that you can throw on when you have nothing else to wear. This one here is from H&M and is fairly priced considering it’s 10% wool and 5% alpaca. It might be itchy for those that are bothered by wool but it is added warmth for those who aren’t.

This model wears hers styled with some black skinny jeans, black heeled boots and accessories to match. The dark color of the jeans mixed with the cool tone of the sweater gives me total fall vibes!


Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is the ultimate accessory because not only does it act as a scarf, but it’s also big and cozy enough to keep you warm like a blanket would. These scarves have become a big thing in the last couple of years, just like circle scarves used to be (you guys remember those?), so you can pretty much find one anywhere. My favourite store to buy mine from is Aritzia because they have these in a bunch of different colors so you can easily find one that suits your fall palette. You can wear a blanket scarf in a couple of different ways:

       1. Wrapped around your neck

       2. Draped over your neck


Basic Long Sleeve

This basic is yes *basic* but it’s absolutely necessary and will save your life when you can’t think of an outfit. This long sleeve should be form-fitted so you can wear it underneath sweaters for added warmth in the cold fall days.

This model is wearing her basic long sleeve under a blazer to create a casual look. Alternatively, you can get a form-fitted basic turtleneck that’ll function in the same way.


Long Cardigan

A long cozy cardigan is a comfy mood for fall this season. You can basically turn yourself into a burrito and hide from your problems. This model wears a fall-approved palette with a blanket scarf to match. A long cardigan can also be worn with a skirt and some knee-high boots!


Black boots

Every girl needs a pair of go-to black boots with a chunky heel. You can literally wear a pair of black boots with any outfit for an instantly elevated look. Here is a pair from Zara that is currently on my wish list. These are so sexy AND they have a low heel so you can wear them all day.

You can wear these boots paired with the first outfit mentioned (a chunky knit and black skinny jeans) for an edgy yet simple look.

Hopefully you guys can snag some of these pieces for yourself and stay cozy this fall!


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