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5 Books to Read While You Wait for Bridgerton Season 3

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Dearest, gentle reader, long have we awaited Bridgerton Season 3. Mr. Colin Bridgerton and Miss Penelope Featherington are finally set to debut on May 16. Though the date is near, a fortnight is too long. Gentle reader, I am here to cure your waiting woes. In honour of Lady Whistledown, I present five books to read that this author herself approves of to pass away the time before Polin hits our screens.

Book 1: Romancing MIster Bridgerton By Julia Quinn

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Romancing Mister Bridgerton is the story of Penelope and Colin. If you are a Polin fan needing as much Mr. Bridgerton and Miss Featherington as possible before the release of season 3, I cannot recommend this book enough. Colin and Penelope engage in a thrilling dance of wit and flirtation, with lots of spice involved! In a true friends-to-lovers romance, both leads go through a journey of self-growth and discovery that is rare for members of the ton. This book is perfect for readers of an introverted nature who wish to see themselves represented in the romance of a lifetime!

Book 2: When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

If you want to be extra prepared before this season, read When He Was Wicked. Beauty expert and TikTok creator Cat Quinn predicts that this season will include Francesca Bridgerton’s first season on the marriage mart. Francesca has two male love interests, and they are both Scottish! If that is not incentive enough, Francesca spends lots of time at her beautiful estate, Kilmartin, in the Scottish countryside, and her love story crosses oceans, since one of her Scottish love interests spends time in India. When He Was Wicked is perfect for Bridgerton fans who adore cozy environments, like Scotland, and are currently feeling the loss of Kathony.

Book 3: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Bridgerton enthusiasts awaiting the next season must be in want of a good romance novel. Pride & Prejudice is the original enemy-to-lovers romance; the feisty but lovable Elizabeth Bennet must overcome her prejudice to be with the proud and wealthy Mr. Darcy. He cannot help but fall in love with her, but can Elizabeth return his love? Bridgerton fans, prepare to “ardently admire and love” this book!

Book 4: North & South By Elizabeth Gaskell

Pride & Prejudice walked so that North & South could run! Margaret Hale, a strong-willed but feminine heroine from the south of Britain, relocates to the factory town of Milton with her family and falls in love with the stoic but domineering factory owner John Thornton. Set against the backdrop of 1850s politics in Great Britain, Margaret supports the working classes of the cotton mills to create a Workers Union, but John remains unmoved by their cause. Can John and Margaret overcome their political differences and see eye-to-eye? For Bridgerton fans who adore Eloise and human-rights causes, North & South is the perfect match.

Book 5: Far From the Madding Crowd By Thomas Hardy

Far From the Madding Crowd, tells of the romance between farmer Gabriel Oak and Bathsheba Everdeen. Bathsheba is raised from poverty after inheriting her uncle’s estate. When Gabriel encounters hard times, he comes to work for her and, slowly, a respectful relationship of desire and longing develops between them. While navigating her newfound freedom as the estate’s mistress, Bathsheba has two other love interests: the wealthy gentleman, Mr. Boldwood, and the bad-boy solider, Sergeant Troy. Fans of Penelope and Colin’s slow-burn romance and Daphne’s storyline from Season 1 will be captivated by this classic Victorian romance.

Dearest, gentle reader, I hope you find comfort in one of these five books to read for the fortnight before Polin’s arrival. Indeed, if you yearn for more romance, why not watch the adaptations? The BBC released a gripping mini-series of North & South in 2004; Far From the Madding Crowd had an sweet film adaptation starring Carey Mulligan and Matthias Schoenaerts in 2015; and Pride & Prejudice had the beloved BBC-mini-series from 1995, and the steamy film adaptation from 2005. Enjoy your recommendations, gentle reader, for I, Lady Whistledown, will return soon enough.

Gabriella Moro is a Her Campus writer for the uOttawa chapter. She enjoys writing about academia, books, culture, movies, music, and mental health. She would say that she is the Elizabeth Bennet of the dark academia aesthetic, which is why she is studying English and Celtic Studies. She is excited to give her readers the best recommendations for their next read à la #BookTok and watch à la Bridgerton. She is already a published author, having two short stories published in 2017. Both stories were published in short story collections by Polar Expressions Publishing, the first was “The Voice” in Progress, and “Ten Seconds” in Fortune. She has also self-published a short story collection called “on fall: the natural poems" under the pseudonym g. moro in 2020. Embracing her unique identity as a bi+ neurodivergent multilingual speaking female writer, Gabriella is passionate about building an inclusive world that includes a plethora of diverse voices. Even though she is likely to be seen at a protest, her favourite way to spend a Sunday is snuggled in with her cat, a warm cup of tea in her hand, and with a good book!