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30 Signs you go to UOttawa

1.     A Gee Gee is obviously the first horse out of the gate… Educate yourselves Ravens.

2.     Toonie Tuesdays means much more than a KFC boxed meal for 2 dollars.

3.     One word: Rabaska.

4.     You would never go to the 5th floor of Morisette to seriously study.

5.     Garnet and Grey have become staple colours in your wardrobe.

6.     The awkward small steps all over campus constantly frustrate you.

7.     … And don’t get us started about the closed for winter signs, a.k.a. take the longest route possible to get to your destination.


8.     The small victories: When all 5 classes are on virtual campus/blackboard

9.     Lounging on Tabaret lawn when it’s sunny and watching the Quidditch team practice like it’s the most normal sport in the world.

10.  You would rather get up early than brave the U-pass line at noon during the first week of school.

11.  Hearing the word Hull makes you think of one thing… Addiction.

12.  You’ve squeezed on the 95 to avoid the walk to the Rideau centre/Laurier in the dead of winter.

13.  You’ve had at least one professor with subpar English.

14.  You just love the sausage man/hotdog guy.

15.  All your friends were jealous you had a wet frosh (101) week.

16.  OC transpo is a constant weekly contributor to your problems.

17.  You make it your personal mission to walk through the UCU without being forced to take pamphlets, get a free t-shirt, or answer “a few short questions”.

18.  You never know what you’ll find in front of Morriset Library.

19.  You hear “prochaine/next” approximately 4723 times while in line to buy a textbook.

20.  You have various “artsy” pictures on your phone or instagram of the canal/ Parliament during each season.

21.  You didn’t know about UOttawa’s tunnel system until after your first winter in Ottawa.

22.  There is nothing more enjoyable in life than making fun of Carleton Students.

Or this…

And this…

23.  You’re unsure if anyone actually reads the course evaluations, but at least it means 15 minutes less of class.

24.  Becoming a pro at dodging people while walking down the various narrow sidewalks throughout campus.

25.  If it’s not exam season and you’re wearing yoga pants and a sweater, you look like a homeless person compared to the rest of campus.

26.  You are constantly confused by the number of people dancing in the University Centre.

27.  Doesn’t matter what time it is, there will be a line up at Starbucks/Timmies.

28.  You are a member of the Jockey Club but have never actually ridden a horse.

29. You don’t mind waiting in line in -30 degree weather if it means you get a free beavertail.

30.  You go to the best university. Ever.  


Contributions by: Aeriel Kent, Caitlin Obrigewitsch, Jessica Mastronardi, Gena Shaw, Michael Wong, Amber Gillan, Zoë Crego, Mariam Zohouri, Alex Baillie-David



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