15 Pins to Spice up Your Fall Jacket

As the temperatures cool down and the sweaters come on every student starts to break out their fall jackets. If you're sporting a classic jacket that is all one color like a denim or leather jacket, you might be looking to add a little pizzazz. If you do want to personalize your look, look no further than enamel pins! Pins are a great option to show your personality and interests. With pins ranging from sports team's logos to star signs, from fire memes to movie quotes there is definitely something for everyone! Check out some of the pins below to get some inspo and refresh your look for fall! 

1. Beholder Bee Kind Pin ($9.00)

2. Milk Club Terrarium Pin ($15.00)

Milk Shop has free in-store pickups for all orders within Ottawa!

3. Milk Club Everything Will be Ok Pin ($14.00)

4. Urban Outfitters Arthur Fist Pin ($10.00)

5. Pintrill Pride Heart Pin ($14.00)

6. Pintrill Iced Coffee Pin ($12.00)

7. Pintrill Lit Candle Pin ($12.00)

8. Pintrill Baron Von Fancy - Up to No Good Pin ($12.00)

9. Milk Shop Petty Pin ($15.00)

10. Milk Shop Pastel Rose Pin ($16.00)

11. Bermuda Press New Arizona Lapel Pin ($11.00)  

12. Power Up Pins Flamingo Enamel Pin ($10.21)

13. Power Up Pins Avocado Enamel Pin ($11.50)

14. Pintrill Saturn Pin ($14.00) 

15. Punky Pins Stationary Addict Pins ($12.00 each) 


How do you spice up your fall jackets? Let us know on twitter @HCuOttawa!



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