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11 Times The Girls of One Tree Hill Were Amazing Role Models

September 23rd 2014 marked the 11th anniversary of the beloved teen drama One Tree Hill. Through 9 seasons, diehard fans stuck through all of the love triangles, annulments, emancipations, and a whole lot of other words that we didn’t understand until Nathan Scott went through them. Some of the most impactful and entertaining characters were the female leads. They addressed real life issues, from insecurities, to death of a loved one, and everything in between. In honour of the beginning of the One Tree Hill era, here are the top 11 times the girls of One Tree Hill were amazing role models:

1) When Brooke admitted that even the most confident people have insecurities…

2) …But reminded us of how to beat them.

3) When Anna spoke out about unrealistic female expectations in today’s society.

4) When Bevin stood up for herself.

After years of following whatever Rachel or Brooke told her to do, Bevin spoke her mind, leaving all of the stereotypes of a “dumb blonde” behind.


5) When Haley made us believe in true love.

6) When none of the girls allowed boys to control their happiness.

7) When Brooke and Millicent stood up to the fashion industry.

8) When they survived every setback, no matter how difficult.


9) When Peyton spoke up for gay rights.

10) When they showed us the ups and downs of friendship…

11) …But always supported each other in the end.  


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