10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holidays

Christmas is done. The presents have been unwrapped, the food has been eaten, and the family obligations have come to an end. But, you still have a week until school starts again. You could most certainly sleep away your time, or you could make the most of your time off. Be productive, be creative and make something of your time off!

  1. Shop till you drop

Three words: Boxing Day sales. While you may have been able to cross out a few of your “wanted” items on Christmas Day, I’m sure you still have a few things on that list waiting to be bought. And Boxing Day sales don’t only last on one day anymore; they carry out throughout the whole week following Christmas! So get out to the mall or to the boutiques you love, ask your dearest mom or dad for some cash, and shop till you drop!

  1. Organize

Once you get home, surely lugging tons of new clothes, shoes, and make-up, what better opportunity is there to organize all your new-found items, as well as your messy room? Turn on your favourite tunes, pick your clothes off the floor, and organize everything. Trust me, you’ll feel like you accomplished quite the task once it’s all done!

  1. Stay active

If you experienced the same itus as I did after Christmas dinner, then you definitely didn’t move for at least two hours after ingesting everything on your dinner table. Everyone gains a couple pounds over the Holidays, but you can definitely keep a couple of those pounds from staying on by sticking to your exercise routine. Not only will it keep those turkey drumsticks off your love handles, but it will make your feel better and happier during your time off.

  1. Catch up with old friends

You most probably went home for the Holidays. Not only is this a great opportunity to catch up with your family, but also with your old friends from high school. Go out for drinks, for coffee or to a bar, and catch up on that old gossip.

  1. Read a book!

Between school readings and homework, you are probably sick and tired of reading anything. But reading a fictional, fun and interesting book might be just the thing you need! Maybe delve into the Hunger Games, or stick with the classic Jane Eyre. Regardless what novel you decide to indulge in, reading will let you forget about all your stresses and take you into a fictional world.

  1. Cook

Let’s be honest, the majority of what you eat during the semester includes KD, toast, and tomato soup. Now that you have a full kitchen at your disposal at home, put it to good use. Learn a new recipe, or whip out one of your mom’s favourites. Once you’ve mastered the recipe, invite your friends or family over to indulge!

  1. Go somewhere

Get in the car and go. Grab some friends and go on a road trip for a day. Be it whether to the slopes or maybe to TO, get out of your hometown for a day and create your own adventure!

  1. Have a spectacular NYE party

While going to a bar is a tad expensive for NYE, make sure you make the most of this night. Get all your friends together, make a delicious punch for everyone, and ring in the New Year with some champagne. Not only will you spend NYE with your friends and loved ones, but you will create new memories to start off the new year!  

  1. Think about your future

I know, the future is scary. But perhaps taking some time this break to go over your options for work this coming summer, or your post-grad opportunities might settle some of your anxiety over your future. Besides, it will certainly make your parents happy!

  1. Catch up on some sleep

Yes, I did say not to sleep your holiday away, but let’s be honest, you don’t really sleep much during the semester. So, sleep in! Take naps! Do whatever you can to catch up on some zzzz’s during the Holidays!

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