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10 Makeup Problems only Girls with Monolids Understand

Putting on eye makeup is not something most collegiettes have to think about. For some of us with monolids (and even some of our hooded-lid friends!) however, eye makeup isn’t so cookie-cutter simple. I would know, being blessed with monolids myself. While I personally love my eyes the way they are, here’s to all the problems us makeup-loving monolid ladies run into on the daily.

1. Obviously, there’s no crease to work with (or a tiny, negligible one). So following instructions on most eyeshadow palettes, such as “put this colour in the crease”, is an exasperating experience.

Uh, maybe I should draw one?…

2. Complaining about it to your double eyelid friends will most likely result in them having no idea what you’re talking about.

3. So you take a different approach. Many Asians have monolids; they must know how to do a simple creaseless makeup look properly, right?

Nevermind. Forgot that current Asian trends (K-pop aside. Love you CL!) favour double-lidded big eyes too. Sigh.

4. Maybe MUAs at Sephora or MAC will know better. And it sounds like they do! They take one look at you and be all:

But you come out 9/10 times looking like a failed art experiment because the MUA have no idea what they’re doing with your “lovely large canvas”. Just because there’s no crease to stop you doesn’t mean you should apply colour up to the brows, kay?

5. On the off-chance you do find an MUA who knows how to best flatter your features, there’s a rush of gratitude and you just want to keep them in your pocket forever.

6. Smokey eye makeup walks a tightrope: one slip and you end up in panda-land.

7. You say to yourself, “who needs eyeshadow anyways, Eyeliner and mascara will do.” You draw a perfect line, open your eyes…

Genetics and makeup companies are clearly conspiring against you, trying to get you to waste more product because a thin line will NEVER show.

8. To get eyeliner to show up completely, many websites will tell you that eyeliner needs to be applied higher, resulting in a thick block line when you look down.

Maybe I can stop blinking? Or only wear eyeliner when cloud watching?

9. Also, depending on the type of liner, what goes up may very well come down.

Choose wisely, my friend.

10. Remember mascara? The trick to not smudging it everywhere is to apply and wait for it to dry with your eyes half opened (tilt your head back and look down roughly at a 60 degrees angle). Whatever you do, don’t look straight ahead, up or even twitch.


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