Your Guide to this Season's Holiday Dresses

Tis’ the season to become incredibly stressed about all the different holiday parties and thus the outfits that come with them! With Christmas, Hanukkah and date parties galore, how is a girl supposed to figure out the perfect ensemble for each without going crazy? Good thing we have a guide to the month of December’s going out outfits just for you.

Winter is such a great season for fashion with jewel tones and layering on the top of the trend list but there are so many more trends this season to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for your busy collegiette social calendar!

1. Velvet: The great thing about velvet is that it looks so fashionable while also adding a bit of warmth to your outfit. With the 90's making a comeback in a huge way, a velvet dress is the perfect way to bring it to your date party! Pair with strappy heels or a choker and you’re 90% ready for whatever party you have coming up! Check out  and


2. Glitter: Who doesn’t love pretty dress all covered with sparkles? Let your inner girly girl shine with a dress with glitter. This is such an easy trend that anyone can adopt because you can go all out or just accent your dress with a bit of sparkle!

3. Off-the-Shoulder: Want something a little more modest but still want to show off some skin? Try an off the shoulder look for a fun twist on a classic dress this date party season. These dresses are perfect to show off some sexiness while avoiding too much skin.

4. Cut-outs: Now let’s say you want to show off your skin in a new, interesting way. Look for a dress with cutouts in unusual places to add some visual interest to an otherwise standard outfit! These are great for the girl who wants to pick and choose what she wants to show off since there are so many styles and variations of this dress.


While these options are fantastic, feel free to explore your own trends or accessorize in crazy ways! The best outfit is what you feel most comfortable in so go forth and shop to your heart’s desire.  

Photos courtesy of Pinterest, Missguided,