Why Your Vote Matters

You have probably heard it a thousand times.

“This is the most important election year ever.”

Although it may seem like you hear that every four years as the new election gets closer and closer, this year is different. People’s fundamental rights are on the line. With the way our current president has handled the last four years, we simply cannot afford to re-elect President Donald Trump. Now’s your chance to use your vote because it absolutely matters. 


I’m not writing this to promote the Democratic party or shut down Republican ideas – this argument is not about political affiliation or party polarization. Our president may know how to run a business, but he does not know how to run the country. The presidency is not about self-promotion and doing what is best for you, it’s about representing your people and focusing on their needs and unfortunately, our president doesn’t seem to understand that. I’m here to show you that your vote will make a difference in this upcoming election and that although you are only one person, your vote is needed. The president of the United States is supposed to be a role model for the citizens of his/her country, and currently, that is not this case. 

The following explains some big topics that are especially important during this year’s election. Take the time to learn about what goes on in the White House every day, what kind of policies are being made, how well (or how poorly) your president is representing the people of the United States, and make an educated decision about your vote. Here are President Trump’s thoughts and action on a few topics over the past four years:

Trump Coronavirus Photo by Charles Deluvio from Unsplash

…on COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic starting in January, our president has purposefully downplayed the dangers related to COVID-19. He stated this, as a fact, Bob Woodward, on tape, and knew that these tapes could be released to the American public. Had he disclosed information, many lives could have been saved. Instead, he spread lies, refused to institute a federal policy to address COVID (such as workplace regulations on opening our economy safely, or a universal mask-wearing policy), and knowingly put the lives of hundreds at risk all while putting the science aside. After being diagnosed with the disease himself, he left the hospital for a photo-op where he put his secret service agents at risk. These agents must now quarantine for two weeks and could potentially die from the virus if contracted. The carelessness of our president to protect the American people from the virus and the refusal to be a good role model and wear a mask has politicized something that is pure science. If you have lost a loved one or someone you know from COVID, vote. Go to the polls and vote for the candidate that believes not only in science but in saving people’s lives. 

man behind a black lives matter sign Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

…on BLM and white supremacy

Currently, we have a president that is openly racist and supportive of white supremacy groups in our nation. During the recent debate, Trump said to a well-known white supremacy group that they should “stand back and stand by” insinuating that they should be ready to take action. Again, why is the leader of our country, the role model of a good citizen, supporting people who actively commit crimes against their neighbors? That’s not what this country was built on. He has found ways to subtly induce systemic racism into our society whether that be through defunding public schools and putting only students that can afford public school in a better position, undermining the Fair Housing Rule, and continually supporting the police by raising their funding all while continuing to deny racism. The recent Black Lives Matter movement has fueled his racism and that of others. When the president says “all lives matter” he is mistaken. Sure, all lives do matter, but right now, it’s about those who are being oppressed and treated poorly, all lives won’t matter until black lives do as well, they are a part of the whole. If you pick one reason why he should be voted out of office, this is it. He fundamentally represses a group of people that are worth just as much as every other person in this country while supporting the people that attack them. That is inhumane, and our president supports it. Go to the polls and vote. 

girl power 1 Kristen Bryant / Her Campus

…on women’s rights

Our president, since his time in office, has refused to support women’s rights. In a tape from Access Hollywood revealed his true colors about his views on women when he bragged about grabbing women and kissing women before he can stop them. Clearly, our president doesn’t understand what sexual assault and rape look like. As a woman, I am offended that the leader of our country could get away with saying something like that and still be elected. Not only has he been accused of sexual misconduct and made many misogynistic comments, but he has also increased the gender pay gap in his own staff, rolled back protections for victims of sexual assault in the workplace and fought against Planned Parenthood which provides more than just birth control for women. If you are a woman that supports our president, please reach out to me – I won’t judge, but I want to know why. As women, it is our responsibility this year to go out and make a difference. Use voting day as a day to take one small action that can make a difference in the rights that dictate your life. 

Her Campus Media

…on his taxes

In both 2016 and 2017, our president, whose net worth is estimated at $2.5 billion dollars, paid only $750 in taxes. Ask yourself, how much did you pay in taxes in the past couple of years? Personally, I know I’ve paid a lot more than that and I have worked both a minimum wage job, and a tip-based job where I made less than $6/hour. The fact that the leader of our country has the audacity to avoid leading by example blows my mind. It’s important to remember that our taxes, HIS taxes, pay for many of the programs and policies that he supports. How does he expect to pay for, let’s say, the military when he continually makes tax cuts and doesn’t even pay his own taxes? Why would you want someone leading our country who doesn’t understand how to be a role model for American citizens? That’s right, you wouldn’t. Go to the polls and vote. I promise you, it matters. 

people marching with sign that says Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen from Pexels

…On Climate Change

Our planet is dying. The Washington Post recently added a clock to Union Square that shows. the amount of time we have left before our actions are irreversible and our planet will die. Without a reduction in carbon emissions and a change to the way our country runs, your backyard may not look the same in a few years. Our president continually takes action to deregulate federal laws against the climate, he has eliminated the Clean Water Act and has not invested in any clean energy while instead promoting oil and drilling around the world. Here’s where you can make a difference: vote. Put someone in office that knows these effects and will do something about it. Don’t let our planet die because you elected someone that believes that climate change isn’t real. Look at the data – it’s real. If you think we need to save the planet, your vote matters. 

I Voted Graphic Photo by Visuals from Unsplash

Obviously, these aren’t the only reason or the only platforms that make a difference when it comes to the polls. There is much more to be said on immigration, healthcare, the supreme court, misinformation, education, gun violence, and a variety of other topics. Although it’s hard to focus on all of them at once, it’s important to be educated on the views and policies of all candidates. Take a look at what our current president has done his past four years. If you don’t like it, go vote. If you don’t agree with it, go vote. It’s important that you use the right given to you to make a decision and choose who you want to be representing you and your views on an international level. If you think your vote doesn’t matter, I promise you it does. Electoral College votes typically follow the patterns of the popular vote of the people around them. The delegates are there to represent your voice – so use it. Proudly wear that “I voted” sticker on November 3rd this year and walk out of that the voting box knowing that what you did just made a difference.