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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Writing is the only thing I can see myself doing. Yes, I have other hobbies and passions, but my mind is always thinking about what to write about next.

Writing came around the corner when I was in the fourth grade. At this time, I already had a wild imagination and it would show through my writing prompts in my classes. But, one day, I was laying in my pink, Tinker Bell-themed room, reading a book, like always, when an idea popped into my head. I should write a book. So I leaped out of my bed to my book bag and ripped out a dozen pieces of paper. I presented the idea to my childhood best friend and we began creating the book. Unfortunately, our best-selling novel was never fully finished because she threw it again, but the idea of writing and creating something amazing with words stuck with me.

From there on, into middle school, I would write short stories that were never completed and would create characters that would never be fully developed. When life became a little rough, as it could be, I turned to writing, to cope. I created a diary to start writing down my daily thoughts and ideas and writing became a way for me to express myself in a healthy way.

I would take breaks throughout the day to sit by a window and write. Write anything and everything, from poems to monologues, I would write to get everything out of my head. The work I created at this time was interesting and reflective at the time. I would pour my soul out into my pen and put it in art. My pen carried my tears and pain and helped me heal.

Going through high school and entering college, I accepted that writing is the only thing I could do. I thought about being a journalist, but I don’t like keeping up with the news too much. I thought about being a doctor, but I don’t like science as much. I thought about so many other options and ideas, but I knew I wanted to keep writing poems, short stories, and articles. This led to me creating my own platform.

I’ve always wanted to publish my work, but I was scared of my work being stolen. After two years of college, one of my new roommates had a blog. We had similar interests and career goals and we bonded over that. I would share my pieces of writing with her and she encouraged me to create a weblog and publish them. So, on September 28, 2021, The Paramour was born. It’s where I publish all of my pieces, from the ones created in middle school to the ones I created last night.

As of today, with 53 posts, 658 views, and 394 visitors, the weblog is doing well and my writing is doing well. I became more content with my dark and taboo writings and writing style. I am exploring different kinds of pieces and taking inspiration from famous and infamous writers and pieces. Writing has become something that is a part of my daily life. I write a piece every day and am always writing down ideas for my next piece. Writing has become my peace and is something I enjoy doing. Writing is the grain of my being and I would be nothing without it. Being a writer is who I am and who I will always be.

So, if you ever see me writing on campus, please don’t interrupt. I could be writing my next quirky article about how aliens are among us or a heartfelt letter about how much I hate my ex.

My name is Aricka and I am the senior editor for Her Campus at University of Michigan. I am a senior and I have a passion for writing topic on the darker and taboo side of things. My primary forms of writing and literature is poet and prose.