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What Your Date Party Dress Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

As the end of the semester is approaching, so is the second best time of the year, Semi Formal season. AKA the time of the year where mailrooms are filled with packages from Tobi, Lulus, and Asos, and the dress racks at the little boutique stores around campus are quickly emptying out.

Based on who your date is, the time of year, your personality, or mood about said date party, there is a big range of what girls wear.

Here is what your date party dress says about you:

Tight Colorful Dress

You came to date party to have a good time, probably with a date. You think wearing a black dress is too cliche, and are totally right.

Alternative Dress

You are over the clicheness of date parties. Everyone wears the same thing. You are a stylish person and are going to take the opportunity to wear something fabulous that will make heads turn.

Black Tight Dress

You are probably here with a random set up and want to look your best. Thankfully the LBD is here to save you, making your frame look perfect and working for any time of year. You are here to have fun and make the most of your night.

Colorful Dress

Fashion show? Heck yes. You are here to have a good time with your friends, and not worry about boys.The fact that this dress is appropriate means I can bring it home and wear it for other occasions too!

Black Loose Dress

Best part about date parties? Spinning around the dance floor in your dress and having it go up in the air is so much fun. Especially since you get to wear super cute shoes (since any shoes go with a black dress) that you can stare at while twirling.

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