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Unpopular Opinion: I Hate Snapchat

I hate Snapchat. Yep, I said it. Although I love being able to see what fun or even stupid things my friends are doing on Friday nights, Snapchat is rarely a place of real conversation. Snapchat has increasingly become blank screens, "streaks," and empty relationships. Snapchat holds great potential to foster relationships and create connections between strangers. However, no one talks anymore. I know that personally, I only have conversations with my very close friends, and even then, it’s only every once in a while. Although Snapchat has the ability to promote connection with existing friends and possible new friends worldwide, it is usually only used to send blank pictures or post stories.

[bf_image id="q979o3-2mbma8-bzrytd"] I miss when people talked to each other. When you could tell who texted you by their special ringtone. When you talked on the phone for hours with friends because there was just so much to talk about. But Snapchat hinders these abilities. I know that this is not the case for everybody. Some people use Snapchat as a primary form of communication, which is great, but I feel that, in general, today’s generation is trading out continued communication for shortened interactions. I treasure the moments when my friends call me when they’re walking across campus because they simply want to talk, or when my friends facetime me because they miss me and want to catch up. But why do these have to be sporadic occasions? Why can’t they become the universal norm? I love my friends and I treasure our relationships, but I’m excited for the days when Snapchat once again is no longer our primary form of communication.

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Hi! I am a Sophomore at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Communications and a career in the fashion industry. I am from northern Michigan so I am a lover of absolutely everything outdoors, especially when it comes to being on the water, but when I am at school you can find me studying in a coffee shop, running around campus, or curled up taking a nap.
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