The Ultimate College Holiday Bucket List

It’s that time of year again. The controversial red Starbucks cups, an occasional snowfall, lights adorning every tree down the Main street in your town, Mariah Carey on the radio 24/7 -- it’s nearly impossible to not be in the holiday spirit. I thought that it’d be a lot different not being home for the entire month of December. Without my town tree lighting, baking with my brothers, going holiday shopping with my friends, and getting peppermint mocha from my favorite coffee shop at the end of the block. I was worried that not being home I would miss out on all the things that make December my favorite month of the year! However, the holiday season on a college campus is just as fun! There are so many things to do here in Ann Arbor to get in spirit and to feel that “home” feeling that comes with the holiday season. 


1. Go to a holiday themed party! What better way to get in the spirit then to dress up with all of your friends and go out and dance to All I Want for Christmas is You all night? I didn’t realize how many fun parties there would be to go to and how acceptable it would be to wear reindeer antlers!

2. Get yourself an ugly christmas sweater. There is nothing quite like the itchy feeling of pulling on your most disgusting sweater and taking pictures with your friends. 

3. Drink a holiday beverage. Yes, I know the Starbucks cups are cliche- however, a peppermint mocha is a COVETED beverage and only comes once a year. 

4. Decorate a tree in your dorm room! Yes, Walgreens does in fact sell fake christmas trees. Go get a nice “Charlie Brown” style tree and bond with your roommate over something that isn’t your shared affliction for 3 am Pizza House. 

5. Do some holiday shopping! Luckily, at the University of Michigan State street has many incredibly nice shops to choose from. Likewise, it is perfectly reasonable to get your holiday shopping done at the M Den.


Images courtesy of: Starbucks