A Trip to the Wild: UMich Clothing Edition

Let’s be honest here – a significant portion of the students at Michigan look the same. Yes, I know that this is an overstatement and yes, I recognize and truly appreciate the vast diversity at this school; however, I dare you to take a moment next time you are on the Diag to stop, look around, and absorb your surroundings.  Look at the people, their style, their hair, and their clothes, and I can almost guarantee that you will agree with my first statement.

This is probably because of the large number of out-of-state students and the high cost of attending the university when from out-of-state, the University of Michigan fosters a sea of brands.  Venture out to the wild, that being campus, and you will find swarms of Canada Gooses (Canada Geese?), Lululemon, David Yurman, Ralph Lauren, Patagonia, Wildfox, Adidas, Sorrels, Roots, and let’s not forget, Vineyard Vines.  It truly is an unbelievable sight. 

Within this materialistic breeding ground that we call UMich, there are two species of boys. There are those who take on an athletic look with their joggers – whether they be Adidas, Roots, or a brandless pair on occasion, Nikes or Adidas sneakers, a not-too-baggy sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt, and a baseball hat.  Then, there are those who take on the preppy look.  These boys wear their khakis, their quarter zip sweaters, either from Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, or Ralph Lauren, their boat shoes or, if it’s a bit chilly outside, their duck boots.  Don’t get me wrong, jeans definitely come out of hibernation once in a while, but that truly is just once in a while.

Girls at the university are a bit more complicated of a species; however, with some analysis, one can determine the few typical looks. This exploration begins with the fact that the women here all have relatively similar grooming tendencies. Except for the rare, yet absolutely stunning deviations, girls tend to either have natural waves or incredibly over-straightened hair (I being part of this breed), and during the day, many sport a relatively natural makeup look – either no makeup, just face makeup, or face makeup and mascara. Our journey then travels to their clothing choices. Here we see girls with Lululemon leggings, a tight, long-sleeved athletic shirt, Nikes, and occasionally a black Patagonia puffer vest.  No, these girls are not about to go exercise; rather, they are taking part in the phenomenon of ~athleisure wear~. You can also find girls in their Wildfox joggers, sorority t-shirts/sweatshirts, Adidas Superstars or Uggs, and thin, layered necklaces, as well as, on occasion, those dressed in jeans or leggings, a sweater, and booties. 

So remember, the next time you are on the Diag, take a moment to really observe those around you and reflect on our little journey. Oh, and make sure to say hi to me; I’ll be the girl in the athleisure wear.


Images courtesy of: Bloomingdale's and Canada Goose