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Top Five Halloween Costumes Inspired by TV Shows

Halloween rolls around every year, and every time I struggle to come up with a costume. The real dilemma is when you must create a costume that is both original enough to not be seen all across campus, while still recognizable so you won’t have to explain yourself all night. What better way to solve this issue then by dressing up as your favorite TV characters? Here are a few foolproof costumes that are both easy to recreate and Insta-worthy. 

1. Gossip Girl: Super easy, yet classic, the Gossip Girl look is foolproof. Essential pieces for this would be a white button down, black tie, black knee-high socks, and ballet flats. If you identify with the Blair Waldorf’s of the world, don’t be afraid to throw on a headband too!

2.  Jim and Pam from The Office: This one requires you to grab your favorite guy pal, but who doesn’t love Jim and Pam? All you need to recreate Pam’s iconic look is a pastel cardigan, a button down shirt, and a conservative skirt. Complete the pair and have your guy wear khakis, a button down, and a tie.

3. Orange is the New Black: Although you may not have an orange jumpsuit laying around your closet, this costume requires only this and white undershirt. And there will be no question of what inmates you are channeling. 

4. Riverdale: Even if your close friends aren’t as die hard as the rest of us when it comes to Riverdale, the cheerleader ensemble is worth recreating for Halloween. The pieces to complete this outfit include black gym shorts, a white top with yellow sleeves, white knee highs with yellow stripes, and white tennis shoes. 

5. Grey’s Anatomy: This costume is very low maintenance, and who doesn’t want to pretend to be the hot mess that is Meredith Grey for a night? Throw on a pair of scrubs and a pastel undershirt and you’ve got yourself an intern from Grey’s Anatomy. Extra points for getting your own McDreamy to throw on a pair of scrubs and a white coat!

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Julia is a feature writer for the University of Michigan Her Campus chapter. She is a Neuroscience major with a pre-med focus. In her free time, Julia can be found at Pizza House with friends, watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, or running in the Arb. 
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