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Top 8 Best Things To Do in London

I’ve lived in a borough of London my entire life, and I spent this summer at home. For those of you that will be studying abroad in London, my friends and I compiled a list of our favorite things to do!

  1. London has some really cool clubs and bars, and with the 18+ age limit on alcohol, you can definitely take advantage! These clubs can be expensive though, so I wouldn’t recommend going out every single night.

  2. There are also attractions and activities that include bars but do not focus on the “clubbing” aspect of going out.  For example, my friend loves the Junkyard Golf Club on Brick Lane, where there’s a bar halfway through the course. It’s a great way to drink and have a good time with your friends without simply going clubbing all the time. The course is eclectic and different, so it’s cool to look and take pictures!

  3. Brick Lane itself is an interesting place to go in East London. There is great street art and stores that are unique to Brick Lane that you can peruse and shop in. There are many fun and cool districts and towns in London; for example, Camden, where you can look around Camden Market, see the West End, and purchase tickets to see a show.

  4. London at any time of day is pretty to walk around in. I personally think London is beautiful regardless of the time or the weather, although I can’t deny that it definitely gets grey when it rains. The architecture is stunning, and newer buildings are dotted amongst historical ones. You can go to Greenwich and get a great view of London by the Royal Observatory, or by the river. Right beside Borough Market is Southwark Cathedral, and it stands out beautifully, as many other buildings in the city do.

  5. On the topic of Borough Market, set aside a time (or many times!) to wander along the stalls. Some of the food can be expensive (which is typical of most places in London), but there’s a large and tasty array, and Borough Market is a great experience.)

  6. The South Bank is close to Borough Market and runs alongside the River Thames. There are some good restaurants and pubs to enjoy, and there is  always something going on for entertainment. The Tate Modern has free entry to a lot of exhibitions, so definitely take a look if you’re interested!

  7. London has some very well-known places to go shopping. Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Regent Street are popular locations, but if you don’t want to spend any money, it is  also nice to walk along the stores and window shop. There are also more expensive places such as Sloane Square and the large department stores (for example Harrods and Harvey Nichols) that may not be part of your budget but are also good to window shop at.)

  8. If you’re going to miss U of M’s amazing athletic atmosphere, sport in England is entertaining too! I personally love rugby, so I really enjoy going to Twickenham, the home of England Rugby, to watch my team play. There’s also football (or soccer, as you likely call it), cricket, tennis and many other sports to take a look at! If tickets for international games are too expensive but you’re still interested, try watching some county, club, or lower league teams!

Images courtesy of: Katie Mercer and Lexie Fernandes

Katie Mercer is an International Student at the University of Michigan from London, England! She's studying Communication Studies, and hopefully Marketing and Writing. For more about Katie, follow her Instagram (@katieemercerr) or her Twitter (@katiee_mercer). Go Blue!
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