Top 5 Places to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth Before School Ends

1. Amer’s Deli

The classic yogurt rush is always the go-to self-serve froyo option around campus (their cookie dough is the best) and now Amer’s has impressed us again with their incredible crepe selection available now at both locations!


2. Pizza Bob’s

Don’t be fooled by the name, this place makes milkshakes that rival Pizza House's. With endless flavors to mix and match, you will not be disappointed by these shakes!


3. Blank Slate Creamery

The most anticipated summer favorite is back and is definitely worth the walk downtown! From their homemade waffle cones to their ice cream sandwiches, this place will leave you happy no matter what you get!


4. Ben and Jerry’s

If you happened to have missed free cone day, don’t worry, there is still time to get your Ben and Jerry’s fix this semester. And if you can’t make it to State Street, check out Victors in Mojo or The Pantry in Markley for a pint of one of your favorites! 


5. Rod’s Diner

Rods’ colliders are arguably one of the best desserts in Ann Arbor. If you don’t know, colliders are a beautiful mix of frozen yogurt and toppings blended together to create perfection. The only question you’ll be asking is, “Do I try my usual or a new combination this time?”


Images courtesy of: Yelp, Spoon University, The Michigan Daily, and