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Being vegetarian is hard on its own, but trying to go meatless at Michigan makes things a little harder. Here are my tips as a vegetarian to you for eating meat-less at UMich.

Make sure you’re getting enough protein

One of the hardest things as a vegetarian is getting enough protein, especially when the options for fake meat at the dining halls are very limited or un-flavorful. Slap some peanut butter on toast or fill up a bowl of beans, your body will thank you.

Take advantage of soup, salad, and sandwiches

All of these stations in dining halls are “make it yourself” and you’re always able to chock full your sandwiches and salads with anything you want. The soups are generally vegetarian and always a great way to fill up.

Eat at East Quad and take advantage of what is now called “Sustainability Mondays”

With Meatless Mondays being replaced with Sustainability Mondays, you’re still able to find AMAZING options at East Quad, so come with stomachs empty. Options range from gnocchi to pizza. Last Monday morning they had meatless veggie patties (which are almost as good as Morning Star ones)!

Ask for just sides at dining halls

DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF TO JUST 24 CARROTS. Eat the mashed potatoes or fried rice at other stations. You can ask for these things without meat and they taste great. It’s easy to get sick of the veggie patties or even the “funky” vegetarian options so dig in on the non-meat options. More bowls the merrier.

Explore the vegetarian options in Ann Arbor

If you have spare time on the weekends, widen your horizons past the two options at South Quad. A great place to check out is The Lunch Room, a vegan place in Kerrytown or their brunch location, the Filing Station on Detroit Street, which serves plates that can feed 2+ friends. If you’re looking for somewhere closer, even Pancheros sells deliciously flavored tofu.


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