Tips to Mich AA a Little Less This Summer

Whether you’re a graduating senior, or a freshman going home for your first summer break, we all have one thing in common: we are going to miss Ann Arbor while we are away! Follow these tips to make your time away from your Ann Arbor home a little bit easier!

1. Spend time in GoogleHangout 

Ask any of my friends -- if I’m late to meet them at Starbucks or haven’t responded to text messages, my #1 excuse is that I was on Google Hangout. This might be marketed as a study and work tool, but it is so much more than that. How boring is FaceTime? Only you and one other friend! GoogleHangout brings the party from Ann Arbor to NYC, California, that one friend abroad in Barcelona, and anywhere else your friends might be.

2. Wear your maize & blue 

Whether you’re at your local mall shopping, at the pool sunbathing, throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome, or on a beach in Santorini, odds are you're going to get at least one “Go Blue!” Michigan is with you wherever you go.

3. Make fun of your highschool friends who attend OSU and MSU 

Nothing makes a Michigan student feel quite at home like laughing as you type “” into your browser and the OSU website pops up. We might be away from Ann Arbor for the summer, but our school pride comes with us!

4. Make homemade feta bread 

Not quite the same as Pizza House, but try out these recipes to get your feta bread fix when you can’t have it delivered to you. Bonus: If you make it at home, you can have it 24/7, not just until 4 am!

5. Remember that Michigan will always be your home! 

Whether you are an out-of-state student who flies hundreds of miles to attend the University of Michigan, or you’ve grown up in Ann Arbor, we all have our love and pride for this school in common, and it will always be our home away from home. Forever Go Blue!


Photos courtesy of Rachel Eisner and Alyse Geiger.