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Tips for Looking Fashionable in your Puffy Winter Coat


Winters in the Mitten are infamously excruciating and these past couple of days are evidence of that. So, unsurprisingly, protecting ourselves from the biting cold often holds priority over everything else. This is where the (somewhat unflattering) puffy coat steps into the picture. Walking from class to class, virtually every girl seems to wearing some variation of this Michigan winter essential. And, while it is very warm and completely necessary to survive, it really does not seem to leave much room to be fashionable; however, that does not mean there is no hope! Here are a few ways to perk up your look without leaving that beloved coat in your closet.

1) Wear colored jeans or corduroys

Something about the winter season makes everyone automatically more inclined to wear dark and neutral colors. While there is nothing wrong with these colors, a pop of color is always an unexpected but welcome treat for tired eyes. So don’t think that colored jeans are just for the warmer months! Wear those jeans with a pair of warm boots and you’re set!

2) Accessorize with cute hats or scarves

Wearing your coat but still cold? Wear a hat! Or a scarf! There are so many different types of warm headwear and a plethora of scarves just waiting to be worn. You can choose to wear a brightly colored scarf or a fur-lined hat. Not only will you look cute, but you’ll also be super warm.

3) Invest in a cute (but also useful) backpack

Some people think that school bags can only be the utilitarian, stereotypical backpack that has a lot of pockets to make up for its total lack in fashion appeal. This is very untrue. Here are some fancy backpacks that will upgrade your look this winter.

4) Footwear is key

UGG and Sorel boots seem to be the norm during the winter (with good reason!). These kinds of boots are perfect for those days when you half expect a penguin to pop out from behind a bush. However, to stand out, try wearing a pair of unique boots. Trust me, you will receive many compliments for wearing them. Here are some examples!

5) Or if you’re looking for something more unique…

Why not invest in a pair of unique and cute headphones? It’s a bit different than any of the other ideas, but it will definitely make your look a lot more interesting…and you can listen to your music at the same time! 

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