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In this technology age that we live in, it is nearly impossible to stay off the grid. There is always something to check, like, refresh, share, etc. There are countless pictures, opinions, and distractions. I have one class where no technology is allowed, and oddly enough it is my digital culture course. It is sad that I find it nearly impossible to not check my phone for that hour and a half. I start to feel anxious, like I’ll miss that much. Although admittedly very hard to commit to, I came up with reasons and benefits to stay off your phone and be present in the moment.

1.  It’s rude

It’s rude at dinner, it’s rude to your teachers in class, and it’s rude to your parents when they’re trying to have a conversation with you. Making eye connect and staying present in the moment is key to maintaining relationships.

2.  It’s also unnecessary

Why do you need to know what is happening at that exact moment? I ask myself this all the time. The world will go on and I will see my friends’ posts and texts, but why do I feel as if I’m on call and need to be reached at any moment?

3.  It makes you less happy

We’ve all heard how being on social media makes us compare ourselves to unrealistic lifestyles that we believe are true. It gives us self-esteem issues, often making us feel like our lives are less than and not as good as others’. Who needs that in their life?

4.  It’s distracting

Think about how much more productive you would be without having your phone next to you at all times? Staying disconnected is a grade booster in it of itself :)

5.  It keeps you removed

When you are on your phone, you are in a completely different world in which you aren’t able to make eye contact, connect with others, say hi to peers in the hallways, and the list goes on and on. Often times someone will say hi to me on campus and I need to look up from my phone to see who it is. Instead, if I was walking in the present, I would be able to see new people, and things.


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