Staying Connected with the World of Fashion

Keeping up with the latest styles is forever a duty for any college student who wishes to remain in touch with her sense of fashion. Regardless of one’s heavy work load, overwhelmingly busy class schedule, and general laziness, being on top of the newest trends is always a priority for college fashionistas. As a fellow fashionista myself, I am always predicting and awaiting new trends and hoping to own the latest trends before any of my friends. In order to stay true to my passion for fashion while I’m away at college, I make sure that I am filled in on any major events and movements that are happening in the fashion industry, one way or another. Whether it's stalking fashion influencers and bloggers on Instagram (a great relatable account is college fashionista), reading fashion magazines online (Elle, Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue, etc.), or exploring esteemed fashion sites (for example Who What Wear - my personal go to) , I remain connected with the quickly evolving world of fashion.


As summer comes to an end, fall inevitably approaches and new fashion trends for this chillier season emerge. Replacing your oldest wardrobe pieces with fresh new styles, you can always count on the never-so-dull fashion industry to throw you some fashionable surprises. With that being said, retire your jean shorts and tank tops and get ready for the most wearable autumn pieces that you’re about to see everywhere.


Here are the Autumn 2018 styles that I am most excited for:

Animal print

The most defining Fall 2018 trend – animal prints are definitely making a strong comeback whether casually dressed down or boldly worn in colorful forms. Leopard, cheetah, zebra, snake, etc., you name it, it’s trending right now. Religiously abide by this trend as it continues manifesting itself in exciting new ways and styles.



It’s time to shine as gold and silver tones are becoming wildly popular on the runway and now off of it. This liquid-metal effect allows any outfit to sparkle bright while adding the most necessary touch to the even the dullest outfits. Power metallics can truly inspire a head turning outfit.


Bold pinks and reds

Move away from the standard darkened colors of fall, and become enthused by the vibrant colors pink and red. Always creating a statement and garnering attention, saturated hues of pink and red guarantee an effortlessly chic outfit. Embrace these fiery colors which are certainly a must for this upcoming season.



We warmly welcome back the always adored trend of plaid, which is having a major fashion moment right now. Specifically, when worn colorfully, tailored plaid pieces create the most contemporary chic outfits that never fail to impress. Returning once again this fall, rainbow plaid pieces will daringly be mixed and matched to generate an even stronger, trendier look.


Images courtesy of: Google Images