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“Spring” Style: Dressing for Those Sort-Of-Warm Days

Before we left for spring break, we were facing bone-chilling winds and an endless blanket of snow on the ground. But since our return, it seems that Mother Nature has finally kicked it into gear and is blessing us with some gorgeous weather. It’s impossible not to feel a thousand times happier walking around wearing sunglasses and a light jacket. The spring feels are settling in, and all we want to do is yank out our bright sundresses from the corners of our closets and dust the cobwebs off our favorite sandals. While this weather may scream “SPRING!” on so many levels, the wind and clouds may cause some unwelcome shivers. We’ve decided to put together a style guide that will be your go-to for these almost-but-not-quite-spring days.


1. Leather Jackets

You can still give your sundresses some much-needed love if you pair them with a stylish yet warm leather jacket. A light brown jacket looks perfect with almost any dress or T-shirt-and-jeans combo. You could also try pairing your ensemble with a colored jacket to really standout and get a head start on all of those bright spring and summer colors.

2. Jogger Pants

By now, we’re all itching to crack out some shorts or a cute skirt. Unfortunately, the weather just isn’t there yet. But if you’re ready to break away from your trusty pair of black leggings, try pairing a cute top or sweater with some jogger pants. These pants used to be considered as only laid-back comfy wear, but stores are now producing some high-quality versions of these fashionable pants. You can now feel super comfortable while finally wearing some pants that allow you to still feel the spring breeze.

3. Layering

This is the best way to dress when the chilly mornings and sunny afternoons confuse your wardrobe. By layering, you can be nice and warm on your morning walk to class and remove your outer layer once the sun comes out. My favorite layer combo is a lightweight collared shirt paired with a cable knit sweater. It’s the perfect outfit that will prevent you from needing a bulky jacket while also giving you the option to take off the sweater and sport an adorable collared shirt.

4. Light Sweaters

The classic sweater-and-leggings combo can be pretty difficult to give up come spring, but the warm weather just does not agree with bulky wool sweaters. If you still want to stick with your go-to ensemble, opt for light and flowy sweaters instead. The thin material will keep you from overheating but will still make you feel comfortable and cozy all day long.

5. Ankle Boots

It’s almost impossible to make heavy snow boots look fashion forward, so the warming rays are moving our eyes to our favorite sandals stashed in the back of our closets. But you don’t always have to sacrifice warmth for fashion; instead, purchase a solid pair of ankle booties. These look absolutely adorable paired with dresses and skirts. You can also buy a pair of cream or gray high socks that peek out of the top if you want to wear them with leggings. Honestly, ankle boots work with almost any outfit, so make sure to incorporate them into your almost-spring wardrobe!


We know that you’re all dying to break out your sundresses and sandals now that the Ann Arbor air has warmed up and the snow has finally melted. Sadly, the wind needs to die down just a bit and the temps need to raise a few more degrees before you can wear them in comfort. But don’t worry—hopefully these tips have given you inspiration to dress for spring in these awkward warm-but-not-quite days leading up to the beautiful weather that comes with spring.

Carly is a sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in Communications with a minor in Digital Studies. She adores travelling and super corny inspirational quotes. Some fun facts: she owns way too many cat sweaters and her signature order at IHOP is a double order of bacon. Follow her on instagram and twitter @ cargriffinn.
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