So, here's what you missed...

So, here is what you missed in the news this past week…

Constitution on the Backburner for the President

President Trump has been pushing for a border wall since he was elected into office. To reach this goal, President Trump declared a state of emergency to reroute funding into his cause. However, on Friday, Congress presented a resolution to overturn his declaration of a national emergency to fund the border wall. The President called the resolution “reckless,” “dangerous,” and a “vote against reality,” insisting that the resolution weakens security and creates a humanitarian crisis. According to the New York Times, the legislation will be sent back to Congress, but Congress does not have enough votes for an override. Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi fired back at President’s Trump veto proclaiming to try for a March 26 vote to rebuke and override his veto.

Hiding from the ICC

On Friday, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo released a statement addressing the investigation of war crimes in Afghanistan.

“I’m announcing a policy of U.S. visa restrictions on those individuals directly responsible for any ICC investigation of U.S. personnel,” said Pompeo.

The alleged crimes suspected in Afghanistan include war crimes and crimes against humanity. In November of 2017, ICC prosecutor requested authorization to investigate the crimes in Afghanistan since May 1, 2003, including the states of CIA captured prisoners, according to Reuters. Prisoners were believed to have borne cruel treatment, torture, and abuse.

Additional warnings made to the ICC from the US included placing economic sanctions.

49 Dead, Many More Injured

Christchurch, New Zealand reels from devastating losses as gunman broadcasted shooting civilians in two mosques. The gunman was identified to be 28 year old, Australian national Brenton Tarrant. He was located first at Al Noor Mosque, where 42 were declared dead, and then next identified at the Linwood Mosque, where 7 were confirmed dead and one later dead from injuries. According to BBC News, a manifesto was found, published a day before the attack, written by a man with the same name divulging his far-right ideologies and espousing anti-immigrant ideologies. In the wake of the terror attack, PBS notes, Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern showed considerations of reforming gun control laws.


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