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Seven Songs You Need To Add To Your Fall Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

As Summer comes to an end and the weather starts getting colder, it becomes necessary to not only revamp your wardrobe (it’s finally time to get out those sweaters!) but also your playlist. Whether you’re at the pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, or a corn maze, these ten songs fit right in with the classic Fall aesthetic.

“#29 Strafford Apts” By Bon Iver

While I think all Bon Iver songs are great for the changing Fall weather, “#29 Strafford Apts” was one of the first Boon Iver songs I heard my freshman year in college, so I can’t help but associate it with being back on campus and walking to class.

“VagaBond” By CaAMp

Caamp is generally classified as rock music but the mellow energy in “Vagabond” makes it a great vibe for sitting around a campfire in a comfy sweater or even curling up in a blanket with a cup of hot apple cider.

“Landslide” By Fleetwood Mac

Even forty-five years after the song’s release, “Landslide” has continued to find its way onto many playlists and can even be considered one of Fleetwood Mac’s most notable songs.

“Slow it DOwn” By The Lumineers

Like Bon Iver, I consider most songs by The Lumineers as Fall staples, especially considering the folksy twang that finds itself in many of their most popular songs. “Slow it Down” more than earns its spot on your Fall playlist because it embodies the feelings of comfort that come with laying in bed with a loved one when the weather is getting colder.

“We Fell in Love in OCtober” By Girl IN Red

Aside from having the month of October in the title, “we fell in love in october” is a staple Fall love song that would make a great addition to any playlist.

“GOlden Dandelions” By Barns Courtney

Golden Dandelions” is one of Barns Courtney’s more unique songs that seems to perfectly fit the energy of a calm Fall day. Even though the imagery of golden dandelions may reference a summer day, I prefer to envision the “bursts of color” Courtney references as the changing Fall leaves.

“Sweater Weather” The Neighbourhood

No list would be complete without the Fall (and bisexual!) anthem, “Sweater Weather“. While I more than prefer the toned-down Spotify Sessions version, either are absolute necessities when crafting your perfect Fall playlist.

Anna is a student at the University of Michigan pursuing a dual-degree in English and Creative Writing and Literature with a minor in Polish Language, Literature, and Culture. She is the Editor-in-Chief for the Her Campus UMich chapter.