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Ryan Goldstein

Take a little break from studying and read up on this Q&A session with our latest Campus Cutie!

Name: Ryan Goldstein
Hometown: Hidden Hills, California
Favorite color: Blue
Major: Economics

Q: Describe your ideal first date. 
A: On a first date I would probably keep it simple and take her out for dinner or meet for drinks. I’d try to get to know her and have a casual conversation. The main goal is just to see if we have a connection. My ideal date could either go two ways: adventurous or simple. If I had been seeing this girl for a while, I would take her out to dinner then maybe some activity, like the beach or a movie. If I was very comfortable, I’d probably just hang out with her at home. 

Q: What are 3 things you look for in a girl? 
A: Personality, caring, a good sense of humor

Q: Where do you think it would be easiest or hardest to meet a girl and why?
A: I think it’s hard to find a girl you want to date in a bar because you don’t actually get to know her in that setting. It’d be easiest to find a keeper when you’re set up by a mutual friend who obviously knows the girl and believes you two would be a good fit. 

Q: Some people say that guys look for someone who bares the same qualities or has certain similarities to their mothers. What do you think about this?
A: I might agree to that I look up to my mother as a role model and someone I love. If people feel as I do it would make sense that I look for the same characteristics in the woman that I want to marry. 

Q: When you go out with your boys, are you guys always out to pick up girls, or is it about something else sometimes? 
A: When I go out with my friends it’s usually to be in a social setting outside my house where I can have a good time seeing all my friends. It’s definitely not all about picking up girls.

Q: From your experience, what do you think a girl worries most about when she is out on a date?
A: That her date isn’t into her and maybe how her hair looks.

Q: What is a major turn off for you? 
A: A major turn-off would be if she was stuck-up or if she made it blatantly obvious that she isn’t having a good time. 


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