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Ryan Carrell: President of the Men’s Glee Club

Her Campus: Tell me about your role in the Men’s Glee Club.

Ryan Carrell: I am the president of the Men’s Glee Club which is the oldest operating student organization on campus. The club is now in its 156th year. I oversee eight executive board members and four organizational branches, which are alumni relations, publicity, business and operations. I play an active role in leading the organization in new frontiers, such as our upcoming tour to South Africa in May. I do all of this while simultaneously upholding our three pillars: tradition, camaraderie, and musical excellence. Additionally, I continuously promote leadership development within the organization and work with thirty-five members who hold junior managerial positions in the organization.


HC: How did you get involved in the Men’s Glee Club?

RC: I have had a passion for music and singing since I was ten years old and I knew that when I got to the university that I needed to find my niche. Considering I was involved in jazz choir in high school, this seemed like a natural transition and a good fit. And guess what? It sure was. 


HC: What is your favorite song you have ever performed and why?

RC: There was a piece we did called “Songs of the People.” It just has the most gorgeous harmonies in it. It’s a temporary piece. My other favorite piece was called “Harriet Tubman,” because it had an incredible jazz and bass breakdown right in the middle. What I appreciate about our club is that we have a versatile set of songs so we can easily adapt to different styles of music. 


HC: What is your favorite song to listen to? Like one that you will never get sick of and can recite every word of?

RC: My favorite song of all time is “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2. I saw it performed live and it moved me to tears. I’m also really feeling David Bowie right now because I’m bummed about his death. 


HC: What do you aspire to do in your future and do you think it can involve music?

RC: I aspire to continue to integrate my interests like I did in college. I am happiest when I use creativity to be innnovative. So if music plays a part in that, that’s where fate will lead me. 


To see some awesome videos of the Men’s Glee Club, click here

Also, they are having a final concert April 9th at 8 p.m. in the Hill Auditorium. You don’t want to miss it!

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