Real Live College Guy: Spring Break Bods & the Best Destinations

1. What sort of destination do you consider the ideal spring break location? A beach town? A cruise? A historical landmark? A ski trip in the mountains? 

I grew up skiing with family in northern Michigan and have since been fortunate enough to have gone out west a few times for ski trip vacations. I also am not a huge fan of just lounging around and sun bathing. For me, that works for about five minutes and then I get too bored and want to do something else. Ski trips are ideal because whether you’re with your friends or family or a combination, you can always have a great time. If you happen to go just with friends you may not actually get to the slopes every day, but if you do, there’s no better feeling than taking off your boots at the end of a hard day of skiing and eating food by the fire. If you’re also fortunate enough to go with a significant other, there are always some off-trail runs you can do to disappear for a while.

2. Low-key vacation or high-key adventure? Basically, would we find you lounging around or out looking for fun if we bumped into you this spring break? 

Adventure. Every time. As stated above, I hate the idea of lounging on a beach for a week. You can always find things to do at the beach like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming…etc. This spring break, my girlfriend and I are taking a road trip to see Nashville, then hiking in Asheville, NC, and then stopping in Myrtle Beach for a half marathon (for me) and full marathon (for her). There will be some time to enjoy the beach and relax, but we’re looking forward to a more active spring break together.

3. How do you feel about girls and their spring break diets? Do you have a regiment with spring break in mind? 

In today’s social media inundated culture, it seems like most girls have been in high gear trying to get their spring break bods for the “perfect insta”. While I am a huge proponent of people getting in shape and working out/eating healthier, it should be done for the right reasons and in a safe way. Out of curiosity, I looked up some of these fad diets and most of them allow you to eat 200-300 calorie meals. I understand that my idea of a meal might be different than some of the campus’ females; however I could never survive off of 600-900 calories a day. Having read Stephanie Harris’ fantastic article on the "spring break bod" insta, I could not agree more. It’s great to work out and to be healthy, but you should do it for the right reasons: having more energy, feeling better about yourself, and just being healthier overall. Take this opportunity to start something that you can maintain after spring break as well!

Personally, being a part of the Triathlon team pretty much gives me the freedoms to eat whatever I want since we have practice five times a week, however since I have started to cook for myself, I’m always looking for creative ways to eat healthier while also getting maximum taste.

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