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Real Live College Guy: Can Guys Tell if a Girl is “Faking it”?

Can guys tell if a girl is faking it?

Depends. Depends on the guy, depends on the girl, and depends on how long they’ve been…seeing each other. Obviously a guy would never want to find out if a girl was faking it so I’m sure you would be hard pressed to find any guy that would tell you if she had, which is why it’s hard to gather any trustworthy stories. Purely on speculation alone, you would have to think that during the beginning of a relationship, which is where you are hoping this is happening most often, guys would be a little quick to “jump the gun” out of excitement, adrenaline, nerves, or almost literally anything else. Additionally, girls may feel that early on in a relationship, it’s important that the guy feels confident, and that he doesn’t get too deflated if he can’t quite get the job done. In that situation, one might speculate that if the guy can’t do his part, the girl may fake it. Whether the guy can tell may come from how well the girl fakes it, or any prior experience the guy has.  Over time, if said relationship progresses and the couple gets a little more adjusted to one another, the guy might be able to tell if things aren’t quite the same every time. However, some guys are probably just still in their adolescent mindset of “wow, this is pretty awesome” and may never notice. Soooo yeah, a little bit of a cop out, but that’s the best I can do for now, thanks for that one HC ladies. 

Do guys judge girls for what they drink (vodka vs. whiskey vs. beer vs. wine)?

Guys never judge girls for what they drink. Guys might think a bit more of you if you drink something a bit stronger than a wine cooler without a chaser, but don’t feel like you have to do anything unsafe in order to show off for some guy. 

What do you think would be a guy’s ideal date?

The first thing a guy will look for in his ideal date will be her mood. If a guy’s date is not into whatever function they are about to attend, both of them are in for a long night. The best thing a guy can ask for is someone who is excited to see him and is excited for whatever’s ahead. Next would be dress. Not every date will involve a suit and tie/dress, but the ideal date is dressed to impress, but stays classy. Next, it’s important that throughout the night, if such festivities involve alcohol, the date doesn’t get completely trashed. The last thing you want is your date (and possibly you) sitting in some random bathroom puking your guts out. Throughout the night, the ideal date will be engaged with the guy’s friends, but will make sure the guy still feels important. At the end of the night, the ideal date will say she had a great time (even if the function wasn’t all that great) and say she looks forward to the next function (even if she doesn’t want to see him ever again). 

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