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Ramadan is the holy fasting month of Islam, and is marked by introspection and increased devotion. It’s personally one of my favorite times of the year, because it brings together families and communities, as well as reminds me to take the time to reflect more on the blessings in my life. Ramadan is most known for being the month of fasting for Muslims across the globe. The practice of fasting involves abstaining from eating or drinking anything from well before sunrise to after sunset. If it’s your first time fasting, or if you’re a pro, the beginning of Ramadan can always be a bit of an adjustment. But from my experience, these tips have helped me to have successfully fast while continuing my day-to-day routine. 

Tip #1: Eat Water-Dense Foods

The hardest part of fasting can often be the lack of water, especially if you’re someone like me who drinks a lot of water throughout the day. Since you have only a limited window to drink and eat, making sure you’re getting enough water is essential. Eating foods such as cucumbers and celery when you break your fast is a great way to get in food and water, to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need. 

Tip #2: Skip the extremely sugary foods

Eating sugary foods such as candy and cupcakes can seem enticing, especially after not eating for an extended period of time. But after short-term satisfaction, these can lead to crashes and make you feel extremely tired throughout your day. Additionally, sugary drinks can take away the opportunity to drink water, which your body will definitely need more than soda. 

Tip 3: Plan the Timing of your Workouts 

Figuring out how to keep your workout schedule while fasting can be a challenge. The timing of when you workout is essential, as working out well into fasting can put intense stress on your body. I’ve found that working out close to before you break your fast or a bit after breaking your fast is the easiest way to work in a good sweat. Both times mean you can provide your body with nourishment. 

Fasting can sometimes feel like a challenge, but remembering the reasons behind keeping your fast, as well as making sure to take care of yourself can help make this Ramadan a success. 

Esha Elahi

U Mich '24

Esha is a senior majoring in Community and Global Public Health at UMich. She enjoys doing CrossFit, baking, reading, and fueling her love for coffee. Esha hopes to incorporate her love for current events and pop culture into her writing, and is looking forward to being a part of Her Campus.