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Product Review: Noémie’s Wearable Tech Accessories

Noémie is known for its sleek and stylish leather wearable phone cases made in Los Angeles. They take pride in providing customers with durable phone cases that are great for an on-the-go lifestyle. But, do they live up to their claims?

After testing out their iPhone 13 Napa case for a week, I believe they not only live up to their claims but surpassed them. Whether I am walking from class to class or having a cozy night in, the wearable phone case operates amazingly. The case itself is stunning and includes a soft interior lining that holds four of my ID and credit cards. The Napa case comes in four colors: Brown-Black, Black-Black, Black-Gold, and White-Black.

If the design of the case wasn’t incredible enough, the wearable phone strap makes this case superior. If you like to travel light, the strap keeps your phone and your cards close. When wearing the strap, it honestly felt so comfortable; the strap didn’t create an uncomfortable sensation and I honestly forgot that I was even wearing it! The strap is also adjustable: I was able to adjust it to my preferred length which was important to me because I am relatively short. The wearable strap is also removable, which is convenient if you want to put your phone in your pocket or in your purse.

When styling the phone case, I wore the wearable phone strap because I loved how convenient it was. Since it is winter, I would style it under my North Face Puffer with a pair of sweatpants or jeans when I went to class. For a more sophisticated look, I styled it with a black skirt, pink sweater, and black heels for my friend’s birthday dinner. I got so many compliments! Not only is the wearable strap comfortable, but the neutral colors also make it so easy to style for everyday wear or going-out attire.

Overall, Noémie’s wearable phone case line is the definition of luxury. It is high quality, durable, comfortable, and sleek. The strap makes it a staple for people who have an on-the-go lifestyle and is super simple to style! You can check out the full line of Napa phone cases here.

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